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    Enjoying the template but I wanted to change a few things.

    My webpage is

    1. I’m having problems with the static page ( I managed to get 1 page to show up, but Didnt realize it wont just make the page you set up as the home page. Is there anyway to do this rather than just having it show up as a feature post? If not how to I get additional pages to show up as feature posts on the home page, as well how do I get rid of the Time, Comments, and who created the page part of the feature.

    2. How do I change the size of the featured image for each page, or how do I get rid of it showing up on the page. I know through a few threads on these forums its been said you need to change meta tags to do this. I’m not too sure how to do this can someone give me some direction or help on how to do this.

    3. Where abouts in the code can I change where the drop down menu appears, on mine its cutting of some of the words in the menus so would like to drop it down a few points. Also is there a way to center the titles in the menu as you can see for “Contact us” the title would look a lot better if it was at least centered in the middle of the box.

    4. Where abouts can I change the top header/banner or whatever its called (the black part) I know how to add in our logo, but I want to change this black strip to water and also insert a few pictures into the area.

    5. I Know I havent finished setting up the accordian slider yet. But how can I make the shadow from each tab alot smaller?

    Thanks I know I asked alot there! But I’m hoping someone can give me a hand as I’m getting pretty close to finishing this site


    Sorry just realized some of the menus were screwed so the site would have looked odd but just fixed them.


    Can someone please help me out with this


    So I figured out how to move down the menu, and how to remove the commments date and posted by form the main page..

    For anyone wondering

    For menu. In styles.css

    #top .catnav ul {







    the top changes where the drop down menu starts.

    for the comments/admin/date from the index page delete

    <div class=”entry-head”>

    <span class=”date ie6fix”><?php the_time(‘M d, Y’) ?></span>

    <span class=”comments ie6fix”><?php comments_popup_link(__(‘No Comments’,’newscast’), __(‘1 Comment’,’newscast’), __(‘% Comments’,’newscast’)); ?></span>

    <span class=”author ie6fix”><?php _e(‘by’,’newscast’);?> <?php the_author_posts_link(); ?></span>

    I still would really appriciate some help with the other questions though.. This is taking me HOURS to go through each line in your CSS and figure out what is going on.



    Sorry for the delay getting back to you, this was marked as “Not A Support Question”… I’ve updated this now.

    To answer your questions:

    1.) I believe you solved this, let me know if not.

    2.) To adjust the size of the featured images, you need to open up functions.php (using a text editor not through WP admin) and adjust the image sizes near the top of the file. To remove the images from a page, open up page.php – find and remove this code:

    echo '<div class="entry-previewimage rounded preloading_background">';
    echo $preview_image;
    echo '</div>';

    Note that this only affects pages (so not posts or any other Custom Post Types). To do this for different post types, you need to remove the same code from other files such as single.php. Have a look at the Template Hierarchy to work out which template file controls the layout for which pages.

    3.) I’m a little confused here, are you trying to adjust the text size or the width of the page list item? To centre the text within the menu items, add this code to the end of style.css:

    .catnav li a strong, .catnav li a span { text-align: center; }

    4.) The top background is set by this image: You can change the image and is currently set to repeat across the page left to right. If you want an image that doesn’t repeat, change this code in /css/style1.css (on line 1):

    background: url("../images/skin1/bg.png") repeat-x scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;


    background: url("../images/skin1/bg.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;

    5.) What do you mean by the shadow? Can you provide a screenshot?



    Thank you so much for getting back to me James, that was super helpful! All the changes you gave me worked excellently.

    # 1. I actually havent solved it. I have a couple of questions on it, #1. I can only get 1 feature to show up on this line of code

    $additional_loop = new WP_Query(“page_id=10”);

    how do I add in extra page ID’s? I tried “….10” & “11”); or “..10”, “11”. Or adding in a new line with it in but I cant seem to get it to generate more than 1 feature as is currently on the Hopepage.

    Another question I have is if I wanted to just make this a static page (as in text is writen on it that can be edited from within wordpress not generated text form posts and pages in the loop, almost like the other pages) can I just copy all the code from “page.php” and paste it in to “index.php”, or is it more complicated than that. Also if I can do this what code do I need to keep from Index.php to still keep the accordian slider.

    # 3: The centering worked but I was wondering if there was a way to also get it to aligh in the middle of the box vertically. So dead center in the box from both left and right and also up and down.

    Thanks for the help



    1.) You need to put additional page ID’s into an array in order to display more than one page. Change this code:

    additional_loop = new WP_Query("page_id=10");

    to this:

    $args = array(
    'post__in' => array('10', '11', '12')

    $additional_loop = new WP_Query($args);

    which would display Pages (denoted by the post_type) with the ID’s of 10, 11 and 12.

    2.) Under WP Admin > Settings > Reading you can select a static page (rather than latest posts which actually uses home.php (if available) or index.php to display content). If you want to specify a page layout (e.g. to add additional code), you can create a Page Template and assign this to the page you choose for the front page.

    3.) Yes but no… Different browsers interpret the code differently i.e. the standards complaint browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome will work fine using CSS to do this, older / primitive browsers such as Internet Explorer have issues behaving correctly.

    Strictly speaking, the correct way to do this is with absolute positioning which isn’t feasible for a navigation menu because you’d have to give each individual menu item a unique ID then add the CSS for each menu item separately.

    Hope this helps,



    Hi thanks for the help James. I think I have most of that figured out.

    A couple other issues came up though. If you take a look at the website

    1. In the Cat nav menu for some reason the boarder wont apply to the last one the “Contact us”. I went through and removed the original top and bottom line from the them as it stretches accross the entire screen which we didnt want, and I added in a boarder instead under.

    .catnav li a{


    border-right:1px solid #aaa;

    border-top:1px solid #aaa;

    border-bottom:1px solid #aaa;

    text-shadow:1px 1px 0px #fff;


    Any Idea though why this is not applying to the last box? when you load the page it seems to appear then disapear.

    2. I went through and changed the main page to show a full post instead of just the short version. However if you look at the 2 post on the main page how do I stop a picture that is in the post (or in this case a page) from showing up here as well?

    Thanks for the help!



    1) This problem is caused by following code in custom.js:

    // remove the last border from category menu item if there are 7 items, that border is not needed
    if(jQuery(".catnav>li").length >= 7)

    You can delete it – the borders should appear afterwards.

    2) Normally WP doesn’t display images in the excerpts. Did you modify anything?

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