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    please help me ;-)

    i have few questions:

    1 – how could i change the abundance search box by an inscription newsletter box

    2 – where i need to go in order to have the quote (cf picture) –>

    3 – i haven’t found where i could change “cart” into french word –>

    4 – if i would like to have the same block “what’s new and the block with the name of different company as the picture, how i need to do? –>

    5 – what can of widget i need to use in order to have this (cf picture) in my footer –>

    thanks a lot




    please could you help me?

    thanks a lot



    please could you help me?


    Hi Emilie,

    I’ll just go through each question and answer as best I can.

    1) That would take quite a bit of customization to change the search form to a subscription form completely. You would have an easier time using a plugin that can have a subscription form in a widget area instead. Otherwise, you would need to look into hiring a freelance web developer to make that customization for you.

    2) In the themes Template Builder section there should be a template that is being applied to your home page. In that template, you’ll need to have a Text Area/Callout/Quote element in the position you want it.

    3) In your theme files, open woocommerce-config>config.php and search for:

    $output .= "<a class='cart_dropdown_link' href='".$link."'>".__('Cart', 'avia_framework')."</a><span class='cart_subtotal'>".$cart_subtotal."</span>";

    Change the text where is says ‘Cart’ and re-save the file to your server in the same place.

    4) In the same template as in Question 2, you’ll need to add a Columns Element with 3 columns. You can then either choose Post from Category for each of the columns or use Direct Text input to add the html for an image and link to the pages you want.

    For the logos, you can add them in from your theme options> Footer.

    5) I’m not familiar with that plugin but you can find lots of social icon displaying plugins that will give you that kind of widget by searching:



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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