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    Getting on well so far, but we are keen for many pages on the site to have their own individual sub-menu on the left hand side.

    We have created one ‘custom menu’ but this seems to be the only one we can use with the widget – we may need up to 5 different let hand menus for different areas of the site.

    If there is a current thread on this, obviously happy to be directed to it :-)



    Can you post a link to your site and where you want to the sub-menus to appear?




    Sorry for the delay – the site is – the main VIDEO page has the correct left hand menu (ie. each type of video – this will also be in the drop-down from the main title menu). The main SOCIAL MEDIA page has the correct drop down menu but will need a left hand menu to include strategy, content, training, case studies (which is currently in the drop down!) . Hope this makes sense…


    Any update on this please?


    Hi formativedigital,

    You have a couple of options to achieve this.

    – You could add a new Sidebar for each page and then add the custom menu widget to that sidebar

    – Use a plugin that creates a widget that automatically shows child pages of the current page and then add that widget into a widgetized area of a page template that each of the pages uses

    – Write your own php into the sidebar.php file that creates the child menu automatically for pages that need it

    The plugin route is the most simplistic option but the key is finding a plugin you like that does everything you want it to do and doesn’t cause any issues with the theme.

    Otherwise, just creating a sidebar for each of the pages will get the job done if only a bit cumbersome.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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