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    My Replete site is becoming enormous. So I need to be able to categorize searches done on the site to a couple categories like Products, Online Store, Research and Case Studies, The Rest.

    What’s your recommendation to go about this with this template? With so many plugins, and only a few, however, that claim to allow this type of sorting… How do you suggest I do this?

    Thanks for your help…


    You can try: http://wordpress.org/plugins/facetious/ which supports post types, terms, etc.

    The main problem is the implementation. I’d use the widget or create a special search template which displays the form. If you want to replace the standard search form in header.php you need to edit/replace following code

    if(!avia_woocommerce_enabled() || avia_get_option('header_search') != 'product')

    however I’d recommend to use the widget instead because there’s not enough space in the header and you’ll mess up the styling.


    I’m trying this… and as with the standard WP search, Replete is returning no results. Hundreds of documents there. Can you advise?

    Thanks Dude…


    Can this plugin search custom fields? I want to bypass all the tags, categories, etc. and just create a couple of custom fields.. products, reviews, etc…. and then assign all my pages and posts to one of them. Then the user can choose which field to search by. Make sense?

    I can’t get facetious to even recognize my custom fields

    Thanks Dude…


    Can this plugin search custom fields? – No, I don’t think so because this requires advanced wp queries and you probably need to hire someone to implement such a search. You can use this plugin to maximize the search power of your website: SearchWP

    Refer to this link in order to integrate the plugin on ajax search: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -standard-search/” rel=”nofollow”>http://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -standard-search/


    Thanks!!… I sorted it.. I’m using a plugin to add categories to pages, and then using Taxonomy Picker. Pretty cool.

    Logistics now though…

    1. I need to get rid of the search box in the header (I tried… broke it, can you help?)

    Also need to make further use of the header small menu… woo commerce is using it now… how could I add a “Search” menu item here?

    2. my search results pages have no nav menu in the header, and the footer widgets are all screwed up. Can you help? Don’t know where this page is.

    So, search page is fine…


    But results pages look like this (no nav menu and footer is broken)


    Thanks for your help!!… really jazzed to be able to customize this search!


    had to change URL of search page, it is now…



    1) In functions-enfold.php delete

    add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_items', 'avia_append_search_nav', 10, 2 );

    1b) You can add your “search link” to a custom menu (Appearance > Menus). Assign the menu to the right theme location.

    2) It seems like the category parameter breaks the page. Maybe the plugin uses a different template – I don’t know. The standard search

    http://djdevelopment.net/3/?s=at seems to work but i.e. http://djdevelopment.net/3/?s=at&cat=207 doesn’t work.


    Thanks Dude. I don’t see that code in the functions.php. Should I possibly looking elsewhere? I checked the original too.

    Also, about the menu… Woo Commerce is using the secondary menu position. Don;t know how/where… but can I somehow add to it? If I assign menu items there now the Woo Commerce stuff disappears.



    And… is there a way I can place a widget in it’s place there? That… would be ideal.

    Thanks again.


    1) Yes – sry. The code is located in functions-enfold.php.

    2) Yes but afaik you can add all these woocommerce menu links (eg “My Account” link, etc.) to the menu by selecting the right pages on the admin page (Appearance > Menus). If you want to add an extra log in link you can use this code: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/woocommerce-login-on-top

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