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    I’m using the submenu (Home / Contact / Sitemap demo area in the top left) as a language selector. And I wonder if it is possible to have a different action depending on which is clicked. I mean, I have in this submenu English and Spanish language links and I wish that when the customer chooses a language, for example english, this word keeps selected or color changed or highlighted (whatever)… while is surfing in the english version web. I don´t know how to add this css or java action in the submenu.

    Thanks in advance


    Hey joanrojeski!

    Sorry but i am not sure if i understood you clearly. Can you post a screenshot and show what exactly you would like to achieve?



    Sorry, I did not explain myself properly and it is very difficult to explain by using a picture. I would like to use my submenu as a language selector (ENGLISH / SPANISH) and I need a highlighted word in the submenu depending on the language, which the client chooses. My problem is similar to this: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /
    I followed what the post says but I couldn’t fix it.

    The website is still under construction and is not public, if you want I can give you in a private mail the credentials for the web and take a look, in this way I could explain deeper.


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