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    So I’ve posted about this problem before but to no avail.

    I created a single page website using Coalition theme, but there is a small problem that bugs me a lot.

    When you click on the last menu option, the page scrolls to the right position but the menu highlight stays on the right menu item briefly and then returns to the previous menu item. Which menas in my case that when you click on “Contact” you scroll down to the contact section but menu shows the “People” section as selected.

    It’s not a major problem, but it is quite bugging and I would love a fix for this. Here is a screenshot demonstrating the problem:

    Thanks for your time.


    Hi modivin,

    Can you send us a link to your website?




    Sure. It’s


    Hi modivin,

    There are a lot of javascript errors on the page with most having to do with the google map embedded in the contact section. The other two are prettyPhoto not loading but perhaps you’ve chosen to not include the files on purpose.

    Can you try removing the map in Contact and see if the issue still happens? Perhaps there is a conflict with the way its embedded and the script that handles the one page layout.




    Well I removed everything from the contact page except some text but nothing changes…any more ideas perhaps?


    Hi modivin,

    When you tested after removing the contact content, did you try refreshing some of the theme settings and making sure you had any caching plugins turned off?

    If you can, try removing the map from the contact page then going into the dynamic template for the page and just re-saving some of your options over again.

    Otherwise, I’ll ask for an assist from the other support crew.





    I’m having the same problem. Did this get resolved?

    I have been auditioning contact forms that would fit within the screen height below my sidebar menu in one-page portfolio mode, and once I had found one, realized that this weird effect was happening where the menu item being highlighted was the one above the correct displayed page. I removed the widget and deactivated the contact plug-in (as well as all the other plugins I had recently activated). I tried re-setting a few options on the one-page portfolio page, but no change.

    I only recently added a blog that sits as the top menu item, and functions as a separate page. I was pretty sure it was working alright though before this sidebar widget business.




    ps website is



    I marked this thread for Kriesi. I can’t find an obvious reason for this behaviour too.

    Best regards,



    Thanks Dude, I will report back.


    If you have any change in the function, let us know. I wasn’t able to find a reason for the issue or to replicate it either so we’ll have to wait for the big guy to check into this :)



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