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    I have an issue with navigation.

    I have a portfolio item with link to the post. When I navigate to that post there is no selected item in the menu (Portfolio should remain selected) and when I click on “Portfolio” to get back, I end up in “Home” with Home selected.

    This happens in both Single and Multipage layouts, although I’m interested in the Single layout.

    Is there a solution for this?

    Thanks in advance


    I just noticed that the issue with ending up in Home instead of portfolio only happens in Safari. In Chrome and Firefox under OSX 10.7 it works properly.



    can you post a link to your website please?


    Ok – this seems to be a limitation by design. Kriesis “one-page” menu doesn’t use the standard wordpress menu classes which would allow you to style the current page item or the ancestor/parent of the current page/post/menu item. I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it – maybe he can work out a clever solution.


    Thank you. Although the selected menu is no longer a big issue for me now (I’ll use a workaround) you could look into it for future use. Still I would like to see the Mac/Safari issue solved.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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