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    How can I lose the link to ‘Home’ from the top nav-bar?


    Go to you admin panel > appearance > menu

    There you’ll find the new WordPress 3.0 menu editor. Here you can create your own menu via drag’n’drop.

    The Dude


    Nope, sorry Dude, that does not work. When I use a custom menu the contents of the page appears underneath the menu button and therefore makes the rest of the page unreadable.


    For sure it works –

    These two screenshots show you how to activate the description text:

    Go to your admin panel > Appearance > menus

    Here you can create your own menu. Every menu item has a small arrow which points down on the right side (see second screenshot.). Click on it. If you see a field “Description” there everything is ok – fill in your description for this menu item and save your menu afterwards. If you can’t see a field called description you need to click on “screen options” and activate the description field afterwards (first screenshot).

    The Dude



    thanks very much. It was the first screenshot that helped. I didn’t have the box ticked for description so thought that would work. Obviously not. I deleted the contents of the box and all is now good.

    Once again thanks.


    Glad that everything works now.


    Hey :)

    But with the own menue, there are no more submenue´s anymore :-/

    I want to use the start page as blog and choose some category´s to show them into the main header menue. But if i do so, there are no more subcategorys … no more dropdown menue. I cant add all subcategorys as a main menue point, i need the drop down.

    Any Idea ?

    (sorry for my bad english …)


    2nd to suleitec’s comment above – custom menu killed dropdowns, help please thanks.


    Which themes are you using? Do you use Habitat?


    Yes, of cause


    yes habitat thank you


    Please send me your login details to:

    (Email address hidden if logged out)

    I’ve a look at it.

    The Dude


    It´s nothing special to my site, the WordPress 3.0 menu editor hasnt the possibility to enter submenues, … or i am blind ? (i asked into the wordpress-deutschland forum, but nobody had an idea … only widget plugins, but they dont help us at the main header menue.)

    if we need to use the the WordPress 3.0 menu editor to loose the “Home” Link or changing anything else into the Main Menue…. we also loose submenues/dopdown Menues, so i cant use the template for the project i buyed it for and i will loose a lot of time for the ideas i had with this…

    Any other idea to loose the “Home” Link in this template ?


    You need to drag’n’drop the item which should appear as a sub menu item to the right side of a main menu item. So click on an item and move it near the main menu item (parent). WordPress then “links” these two items as parent and child

    The Dude


    Found a solution:


    Line 318:

    echo “<li $current>Home“;

    delete it and the Home Link is gone.

    BUT: It would be great to have some options for the head menue, like “dont show home” or “enter page ids to exclude” and so on.

    I love this template like i love the most kriesi-templates *smile* , its realy greate, but i hope it will get some upgreates in the future too:)

    Sorry for my bad englisch :)


    I repeat it again – you can use the menu editor to customize your main menu. You can create submenus, descriptions, etc. in it but you need to use it correctly. There’s no need for an update because Habitat comes with all features and functions you need to build your own menu.


    “move it near the main menu”

    oh man …. thats what i am asking for .. i asked into the wp germany forum too, but all i got are links to use widgets and plugins…



    Glad that I could help.

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