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    Hi, i am not new to wordpress but immediately having a problem with your theme. I have set my site name up however it is displaying FLASHLIGHT demo name? It is probably me, can you advise, thanks


    Hi nicopea62,

    When you first install the theme, you need to set a logo image in the main theme options to remove the default logo data. Make sure to take a look through the documentation that comes in the main folder you downloaded from Themeforest as it has all the first steps and how-tos for the basics of the theme.




    Hi and thanks Devin,

    I can upload an image at flashlight theme options, this removes the flashlight demo name and replaces it with my jpeg. However it does not show my site tile and tagline? In WP dashboard-customise theme is where i have set my site title and tagline as usual with all other themeforest themes. I have deleted my database and scripts with the host, reinstalled wp and your theme but this still does not work. Am i coming to the conclusion that your theme does not support this part of wp?




    Hi Devin,

    What file type can i use for my logo .psd .tiff etc

    Thanks Nick


    Hi there ? i think i have worked out now that you can not use the site title or tagline. You have to build this in to your logo with text. A bit disappointed as this is very limiting for easy change. My site name is 17 letters and you can barely read it. Can you suggest how i can get a workaround for this.



    Hi Nick,

    The layout works best with an image for the logo. I would suggest just setting the site tile in a png file 180px wide. This way you don’t need to modify any css to get that many letters in one line or anything like that.




    Hi Devin,

    I appreciate that however 17 letters in title still does not view large enough to read clearly at 180px. I have been into style sheet and need to widen it to at least 400px. I can do this here direct or add quick css. This solves the sidebar width issue but disturbs all other page layout say for instance, portfolio now displays under the sidebar so would have to this as well. Obviously a major issue. I love the theme but this is a major headache for me and considering the sales info says that you do not require any coding, this does not seem to be true. Also my name in copyright is cropped off! What now please?

    Cheers, Nick


    Hey Nick,

    The theme would need to be customized pretty heavily to accommodate that kind of logo. I would suggest asking Envato (Themeforest) for a refund of the theme as it really doesn’t have support for a larger logo area.



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