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    my website is and

    I have done almost all the things that this forum has done about optimising and repairing database but whenever there are more than 10 visitors in the site, the site goes very slow. I have also tried supercache and etc. I am also running on Justhost’s upgraded host package – Pro Host Package and is running on dedicated IP.

    I recently ran a test on gtmetrix .com and scored many F’s in many aspects.


    Leverage browser caching F (8) 51% Server High

    Enable gzip compression F (33) 78% Server High

    Minify JavaScript F (37) 89% JS High

    Combine images using CSS sprites F (41) 62% Images Medium

    Minify CSS E (50) 79% CSS High

    Specify image dimensions D (64) 51% Images High

    Remove unused CSS F (29.1) 62% CSS Low

    Serve scaled images D (68) 89% Images High

    Use efficient CSS selectors F (0) 21% CSS Low

    Defer parsing of JavaScript C (78) 67% JS High

    Anyone with the same problem? Please help!



    What kind of server do you have? Shared? How much RAM do you have? Apache or NginX? If Apache , are you using Google Speed module? What kind of cache are you using on your server (varnish, apc)..

    I compared you to the demo site and you are running 3.1 times faster, 1350ms is not too shabby.

    Dag you are pretty darn fast!

    You need to add a bunch of things in your .htaccess file before whatever you have in there. The .htaccess file is at the root of wordpress and you can edit it with this plugin

    You should put everything in this file inside yout htaccess untill line 281 at least

    I am impressed with your host,



    Hey Nick

    I’ve updated the htaccess but the result is the same.

    I’m using Supercache and my host is still shared but shared among less users according to my host.

    What do you advise me to do to improve my speed?

    Another problem is that when I check out with Bank transfer, it’s damn slow! It loads for about 1 minute before the order is actually processed!



    Please try to increase the allocated memory: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    Best regards,




    What is in your htaccess file at the moment? Because your expirations are not being set and neither is anything else from the file I pasted last time. Speak to your host to see if they are filtering it perhaps. Ask your host if they have mod_pagespeed installed and show them this url




    Hi all,

    I am pretty sure the memory or hosts are not the problems. I have used another theme to test out the result, on the same shared host, using the same memory and the result is totally different. Please test with runs on replete theme while the latter is on another. The time it takes to make an order is completely different.

    Pls help!




    Hi PerfumeStore,

    There is definitely a speed difference but we have no real way to increase the performance on your server. Depending on the actual setup, those two domains could be hosted on different physical servers (we would have no way to tell), different plugins etc.

    The biggest issue is just in the actual response time from the server for the Perfume Store. All the content and scripts loads in pretty quickly once the server sends it.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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