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    My site does not display the testimonial at the bottom of the page properly. However the real page displays the testimonal formatted properly at the bottom of the page. How can I resove this problem? I don’t need a I am not sure why it is like this.

    I also have a lightbox plugin that will not work on but does activate on



    Please make sure that you are only defining your home page and blog page in Flagship > Theme Options and are *not* using Settings > Reading to define the homepage and blog page of your website. Also go to Appearance > Menus and delete the Home Page Menu item and add page item again, since it is not recognizing that page as your proper homepage for some reason.




    Thank you for your reply I have looked at everything you have said and have done it all but in order to get my testmonial plugin to work and format correctly I MUST also define the homepage under Settings > Reading aswell.



    I am sure at first glance that may seem like the only way to provide some piece of data the plugin needs but in reality it will get that value wherever you tell it to go looking. If you start defining things on Settings > Reading then your pagination will not work. Please link to your testimonial plugin, as I am almost certain the plugin is only looking to get some basic hints where the homepage is and where the blog is.

    You also have a very serious jquery error caused by code Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL .. This is something you need to fix with the provider (infusion).

    <script type="text/javascript">

    var hc_shortcode_connector = {
    "IntegrationID": "5",
    "Name": "FREE MP3",
    "Type": "Hybrid",
    "TyPage": "",
    "MailingList": "Custom",
    "GotoWebinar": "",
    "Wordpress": "",
    "wysija_list": null,
    "FacebookCTA": "",
    "FormCTA": "",
    "oneClickCTA": "",
    "template_shortcode": "0",
    "template_widget": "0",
    "allow_registration": "0",
    "registration_role": "subscriber",
    "custom_code": "

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

    <form accept-charset="UTF-8" action="" class="infusion-form" method="POST">n <input name="inf_form_xid" type="hidden" value="dc293f6750176c118051e53f247d0545" />n <input name="inf_form_name" type="hidden" value="Download Our Secret&#a; Weapon Against Stress&#a; In Any Business" />n <input name="infusionsoft_version" type="hidden" value="" /> First Name *n <input class="infusion-field-input-container" id="inf_field_FirstName" name="inf_field_FirstName" type="text" /> Email *n <input class="infusion-field-input-container" id="inf_field_Email" name="inf_field_Email" type="text" /> <input type="submit" value="Send Me My FREE MP3" /></form> ",
    "apiConnection": "0",
    "emailOnly": "0",
    "template_lightbox": "0",
    "custom_form": "Header textrn<br/><br>rnName: <input type=\&quot;text\&quot; name=\&quot;name\&quot; /> <br/>rnEmail: <input type=\&quot;text\&quot; name=\&quot;email\&quot;/> <br/>rn<a href=\&quot;#\&quot; class=\&quot;hc_custom_form_submit\&quot;> Connect </a> ",
    "custom_fbnot": "Header text <br/>rn<div class=\&quot;fb-login-button\&quot; data-scope=\&quot;email\&quot; size=\&quot;large\&quot;>rntConnectrn</div>",
    "custom_fbyes": "Connectrn<br/><br/>rn<a class=\&quot;hc_fb_form_connector_submit\&quot; href=\&quot;#\&quot;>Connect</a>",
    "custom_width": "500",
    "is_user_template": "0",
    "custom_ty_page": "%samepage%",
    "ad_ty_page": null
    var hc_rand_id = 4759;




    Hi Nick,

    Thank you very much for you help. However I going to have to ask you for more because this is not my area of expertise I am just trying my best to project manage the various parties.

    1. The GC Testimonial plugin I am using works well for me but it is free so I have no way to get support for it and I don’t understand the code. However since playing around with the tips you gave me I have fixed the problem I was have getting it to display properly and at the same time getting my paid “Hybrid Connect” light box plugin to display on the home page. So my problem now is, I am not sure how to set-up your theme as it should be and have my plugins to work on it.

    2. The Serious Infusionsoft error is new issue you have highlighted, so thank you. I can get support from them on this but I will need to understand the problem so I can explain it to them. Where is the information you have given me coming from and what does it really mean for my sites operation?

    Thank you very much for going above and beyond on this for me.

    Kind regards,




    You are going about this incorrectly from my perspective since you are doing the equivalent of building a house by dragging a stuffed giraffe along with some yellow curtains and asking the contractors to start using yellow cement or otherwise a whole new house may be needed to match the color of the giraffe.

    Bad analogy but I hope you understand that this approach quickly jumps out as the wrong way to go about the overall process of construction, Such is not the case when building websites based on a framework and a theme , as it isn’t that easy to tell where to start and where not to. I would recommend for you to google and read an outline of a software/website development life-cycle for non-technical managers, will give you a better idea of the process, if the answer interests you.

    After ensuring that the theme works and noting down what’s not working an assessment is made regarding the best way to integrate the remaining requirements into the framework which includes the ones you touched upon – light-boxes and testimonials. Now that there is a framework and a flow to the program its easier to see how best to attach it so that it too receives the full benefit of the framework libraries (or functions).


    The error is seen in either firebug or chrome developer tools as a javascript error in the console.

    “I.. must understand the problem so I can explain it to them” …

    Imagine you are Captain Kirk and on the bridge in middle of chaos, as Enterprise is under attack by a powerful force. ‘The ship is breaking up captain. Spock is dying again but he managed to say that he thinks this infusion gadget might be connected to all of this after all. We are. still not sure 100% but by its position it either regulates the surface temperature of toilet seats in one of the cafeterias or it is sharing variable names with the cpu of the entire star-ship – hard to tell –

    … wait. here is documentation… and its a syntax error caused by an unexpected token which i think . well it’s sort of like the time your uncle Doogie showed up unannounced for a family big deal, just another plate for a favorite uncle… wait.. oh no, the token was not only unexpected but illegal. Uncle Doogie wasn’t in the peace corps for a decade. He relapsed and broke out of the prison psych ward, is high on angel dust again, and is driving here to sacrifice us to the ancient masters in order to end global warming for ever. Perimeter breached, Fazers on full power.

    ….the green wire …. now Jim…cut it fast….(end transmission)

    Does Jim cut the wire and save the universe once again? Will the mystery of the plugin be solved.. What the heck does it do and is that important? Or will the crew be trapped alone in deep space without even the basic comfort of a temperature regulated toilet seat to ease their suffering for the few hours of remaining alive?

    *We may never know until the purpose of the plugin is understood, and a risk assessment is created to examine the overall importance of this plugin and consequences of its various failures in light of the business logic and the project requirements* … to be presented 7am tomorrow sharp by said PM.. :)

    (Sorry, Couldn’t resist. I got a Masters Degree with Honors in StarTrek. So this is just something I do for a chance to train under Captain Kirk’s great-grandfather. )

    Live long and prosper,



    Wow!! – That is some post!

    I have made a change on the page has the error gone? I am a bit confused because the infusionsoft code used on this page is unstyle HTML.



    Your website works for me now – I can use the lightbox and I see the testimonial text/image, etc.

    I did not notice any js errors.

    Best regards,




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