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    When I insert any pic into the slider on the frontpage they are giant, I have tried to re-size, crop I just can’t seem to get these pics to fit into the slider like your demo pics do… CAN YOU HELP??? On short timeline!! Thank you, also your themes are really great, much easier to work with, i am a novice which sucks but have to learn sometime, thank you.


    Hi miabob123,

    What theme is this for? Generally, the images will adapt to the width based on the height/width of the container so using an image with a size of like 1100px by 300px high will give you a nice wide image but not overly tall.

    If you can tell us the theme we can give more detail.




    Hey thanks for the response, it is the propulsion theme. I googled PSD photos for slider and found some that I used and they worked fine but the pics I really want to use don’t, like one of them is my Logo, when I put it in the slider (even tried cropping, resizing etc etc but nothing helps) but it is gigantic when displayed on my site. Also the web address is


    Hey also on my footer it lists ALL of the old menu pages, I can’t find anywhere to adjust that and only have my new menu pages displayed, can you help with that too?


    Any image that isn’t the minimum size will stretch. There isn’t any setting to allow images to float within the slideshow so you need to use something like 930px by 340px for the best results within the slideshow.

    The footer widgets are set to display some default data, you just need to add any single widget to each column to replace that demo content.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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