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    Hi Guys

    I lost my page Exhibitions – it just disappeared so I am rebuilding it. Default address reads exhibitions-2 so the original page must be somewhere but I can’t find it!

    So rebuilding page – when I upload my images to the page in Dashboard, it works fine and shows the images are there, I save/publish the page ok but when I view it in the images are not there. I have done this a number of times with the same results. I have also reinstalled the template but still not joy.

    I checked with the server and it is not a bandwidth issue so i am confused as to what is happening – can you help please?





    Can you give us your admin details so that we can check?

    You can send it to ///.



    Ismael – Admin details sent to above address.

    Thank you



    Just tried loading a new page with gallery images – Portrait –

    The images loaded to the Media Library but did not save to the page which previewed blank – problem obviously still persists – need halp ASAP as I have clients viewing the website for their images.




    Hi Didier,

    I’m not sure what the issue is. I uploaded a test image into your TEST TEST TEST portfolio item and it seems to be showing fine.

    The old “Exhibition” page is in your pages>trash which is why the URL reads exhibiton-2. If you want to change it to remove the 2, you can delete the old one out of your trash and then change the name on the page editor.




    Hi Devin

    Thanks for looking at this.

    Interesting that you published through the Portfolio route. I publish my photos on the designated page through Image Galleries. Am I doing it wrong?

    Anyway – looking at my problem as it is still there: –

    If you look at my Exhibitions 2 page in my Dashboard, you will see that there are 8 landscape photos uploaded in the Image Gallery section. When I publish the page – the Image Gallery is not on the live website and the default background slider shows not the uploaded Image gallery:

    I have done this also for a page called Portraits which after I successfully uploaded the images into image gallery as I could see them and they were also in my media library. I then saved/published the page and they were gone from the page but still in the media library and of course did not appear on the live website.

    This is happening everytime I try to upload images onto a page via Image Gallery. If I insert an image into post – it will publish no problems.

    BTW – I did not delete the Original Exhibitions page as it was live on my website – when it deleted itself (how is this possible?) is when I started having these problems!!!! (I have now permanently deleted this page).

    Pleae look at this ASAP Devlin as I have to move forward on my deliverable – I am also sending this to you via your email.

    Thank you.



    Hi Didier,

    Think of the portfolio items as individual groups of galleries. The theme has much more natural support when using them for the main way of displaying images. Attaching images to a page will work but you lose the ability to group the portfolio items and the themes taxonomy for them.

    I’m not sure why or what happened with the Exhibitions page specifically but it doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly. I would suggest completely deleting it (move to trash then delete from trash) then re-creating it again. You can delete the media you have already uploaded that was attached to it to save server space by going to your Media area in wordpress and deleting the images directly.

    I created a test page and re-uploaded one of your images to it and attached it as a gallery without issue which is what leads me to believe something, somewhere, messed up on that one single exhibitions page. You can view my test (and delete) in Pages>Test Page for Uploads.

    I would definitely recommend looking into using the Portfolio items to handle the individual portfolio pieces. You can set up individual Portfolio items as Sessions, Groups, Galleries of a specific type and then populate Portfolio pages with those Portfolio Items using the options in the Theme Options > Portfolio (where you can assign pages to hold portfolio categories etc).





    Thanks for looking at this – you are a star.

    I have followed your recommendations and just published the Exhibitions page successfully.

    I am a little confused about the Portfolio items you speak about – I will review the tutorial again but can you direct me to any other resources so that I can learn more about using them please.

    Thanks again & best regards,



    As far as I know the documentation and videos are that is currently available. I’ve really been hoping to get some extra time to do some additional tutorials on each of the themes but I personally have a new baby that is very demanding of my time :)

    The best way I can think to explain them (at least for this theme) is that each Portfolio item is its own small gallery of images on a single topic or from say a single portrait shoot. These images attached to the Portfolio Item are then displayed when you view that one single item.

    See the demo for an example: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    The above link could be called “Jane Doe’s Wedding” and it would be in the category (done with checkboxes on the portfolio item editing page) Wedding Photography and possibly Portraits if the content has a lot of portraits in it. You could then create a Portfolio Page from the theme admin panel for portfolios that is called Weddings. The page you would designate to hold this portfolio would then be populated with all the Portfolio Items that have been checked as being in the Weddings Category (because you select that category in the portfolio options).

    If you have additional questions, we’ll help as best we can :)





    That’s very helpful to get me on my way – thank you.

    Congrats on the baby – it’s a beautiful thing. I have a 6 year old son and it’s the best thing in the world. Take lots of photographs because they grow up fast and don’t forget to include some with you and his mother so when you guys are gone, he can see what you guys were like when he was a baby!

    All the best and I won’t hesitate to contact you if I have a new problem.


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