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    I have inserted some widgets on “Sidebar Pages”. it’s ok for many pages.

    For one or two pages I need a custom sidebar instead of the standard “Sidebar Pages”. So I created it (it’s a theme feature) and I have added the desired widget. Unfortunately this page shows both the default “Sidebar Pages” and the custom one! I need just the custom one.


    the fact is that a custom page sidebars doesn’t “overwrite” standard sidebar but it add to it. The result is that I see the default sidebar widgets and the custom sidebar widgets in the same page.


    Hi cesco81,

    I believe you are correct in the hierarchy described but I’m not sure its a quick fix. Like the “Display Everywhere” sidebars, some sidebars get added in before others and then stack. I’ll need to ask Kriesi to take a look at this since I’m not quite sure how to edit the overall behavior in the theme files.





    I have a similar problem where I have added a widget to a specific page in hope that it would override displayed everywhere sidebar any idea how I can control displayed everywhere so certain pages don’t have it?




    This link might help you out. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-a-wordpress-theme/





    Please open the sidebar.php file and go to line 84 where it generates the unique page sidebars:

    //unique Page sidebars:
    if (function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') && dynamic_sidebar('Page: '.$custom_widget_area) ) : $default_sidebar = false; endif;

    remove this and paste the following in line 65:

    $show_other_sidebars = true;

    if (function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) && dynamic_sidebar(‘Page: ‘.$custom_widget_area) ) : $show_other_sidebars = $default_sidebar = false; endif;

    now change every line that starts with

    if ($avia_config


    if ($show_other_sidebars && $avia_config

    you might also apply the $show_other_sidebars check to the ‘Displayed Everywhere’ widget area in line 93



    I have the same problem. I see this answer, but in my sidebar.php, the line 84 don’t mach with yours, so I don’t know exactly where I need to paste the new code ($show_other_sidebars = true; etc.).

    To me, the line 65 shows:


    66 if ($children)

    67 {

    68 $default_sidebar = false;

    69 $sidebar_menu .= “<div class=’widget widget_nav_menu’><ul class=’nested_nav’>”;

    … $sidebar_menu .= $children;

    $sidebar_menu .= “</div>”;


    Actually, I want to display the sidebar of the Contact page like you:

    Thank you so much.


    Hello rovireti,

    Please download the latest version of Angular theme then do Kriesi’s instructions. :)




    Ups! I didn’t see that the topic was about Angular Theme. I’m talking about Choices Theme. I’ll go there.

    Sorry and thanks.



    No problem. :)



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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