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    First congrats with the Avisio theme, it is great!

    I have this question though:

    What is the usage of multiple portfolio pages in the menu on top? Because all portfolio items are displayed anyway.

    I want 3 portfolio’s (for instance A, B and C) and then assign A, B and C categories to the portfolio items…

    How can I define now that a page A only displays the portfolio items categorized with A, and so on?





    When you set up your Portolio’s in the Options Page, you designate which categories go under which Portfolio. If they overlap the articles in those categories will be duplicated. Without seeing exactly how you have set this up I can’t see what’s going on – if you’ve read through the documentation this should clarify things.

    If you are still stuck or have specific questions, please provide the site URL.



    I think I got this problem.

    In the backend portfolio 1 has 1: “prijzen”, portfolio 2 has the other 4.

    But at the front they both show everything: (1)


    Am I missing something?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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