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    Hopefully this is just something i am doing wrong, but i have managed to enable my blog to look like the portfolio layout (coz i think it looks great), but i also want my portfolio page to have a portfolio layout.

    In both cases i have used the portfolio categories, setting some categories to appear on blog and some on portfolio. In both cases i am wanting to use SORTABLE feature, but it only appears on the blog page, not portfolio.

    Thanks for your help.


    Do you have the actual portfolio page setup in Avisio Options > Portfolio Options? There is a link to Add another Portfolio at the bottom of the first portfolio if you haven’t. Avisio does support multiple portfolios, so this is possible it’s just a matter of setting up. If you need more help let me know. Thanks for purchasing.


    Hello, yeah i do.

    I have 2 portfolios set up in there, one for blog and one for portfolio. Both are set to 3 columns sortable, but only the one does actually sort the. I also have seperate portfolio categories set up and respectively set up in the portfolio section to show only the correct ones. I also have two pages set up (both as default template) one called blog and one called portfolio. And on the menu they link out correctly.

    Any other ideas. Thanks :)


    The problem is the blog page doesn’t have the correct template. It has the default and both should be the portfolio template. You can see this by looking at the class attribute for the body tag


    page page-id-42 page-template page-template-templateportfolio-php


    page page-id-42 page-template page-template-templateportfolio-php


    I just went back in and updated the portfolio page which was set to default. Blog was on Portfolio though.

    I have set both to portfolio, but again, only the blog is working as a portfolio.

    The portfolio posts are obviously showing up there but not sortable. 3 column sortable is selected in the portfolio options also.

    Thanks for your help Noah, any other ideas.


    You need to add featured images to your portfolio items to make the sort function work.


    Well dont i feel like an idiot.

    I knew there would be a simple reason.

    Thanks mate!!!


    Glad that I could help you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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