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    In the demo site, there is a main portfolio page and 2 children pages that also contain portfolios. In the theme options you can only select one page. How do you display a portfolio on more than one page?



    Flaslight supports unlimited portfolio pages. Just go to Flashlight > Portfolio option page and search for the small “plus icon” in the bottom right corner. Click on it and a new “portfolio option” field will be added which allows you to set different categories, a different page, different layout (i.e. 3 columns, etc.). The minus icon will remove the portfolio page. Afterwards click on “Save”.


    Perfect, Thanks! I didn’t know what that Plus icon was for! ;)


    Just found thi spost which really helped – I agree that the small plus icon needs explaining better as it is a really great feature


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Hey I thought this answer would solve my problem too.

    But can you help me with my question what is the right order to make it work.

    When i do it my way i now see portfolio three blank categories and when i click on portfolio it says no posts match the search.

    But i thought it are pages not posts?



    you need to assign each portfolio to a page but the portfolio items are custom post types. You can create them like normal posts (Portfolio Items > Add New) and you can also create categories (Portfolio Items > Portfolio Categories).


    Thanx Dude! I think this will help me out.

    Is there also a way to get ride of the grey block at the left or right on the template, If i choose the dark design

    Or is that something i have to live with?


    Yes you helped me a lot i think i have find how it works.

    One more question can i change the order of the different categories, so that i can choice which come first and last etc.

    Here is how it is now..



    no that’s not possible. You can order the posts by title, date or random only. It’s not possible to change the category order.


    Hey Dude,

    looks like I’m missing something. I’ve read the documentation over and over again, and did search the support forum.

    I wanted to make a PORTFOLIO 3 COLUMNS like in the Flashlight theme sample.

    but this is what i got:

    please help




    your personal site isn’t loading very well for me, though the 3-column option is located in your Dashboard under Flashlight > Portfolio > Portfolio Columns. Using all default settings this works fine.


    i did choose the “3 columns” in the flashlight setting portfolio columns.

    “Now you need to set the two most important options:

    First of all which portfolio posts do you want to show on your portfolio page? SImply select the categories that hold the posts in the select box.

    Then we need a page to display those items. Select this page from the dropdown menu and you are done. If you no save the options and head over to this page it should act as an overview page for your portfolio. The default page content wil be shown in the small sidebar beside your portfolio entries.”

    i think i missed something important here?


    Hi kriesi-team,

    i would like to create a portfolio overview with four or more classes. Each category should have several images (3 columns). In Flashlight Theme Options i have chosen my classes, but nothing happened. Maybe i did something wrong or forgot anything. Can you describe what i have to do step by step?




    Hi Frank,

    First you need to have your portfolio items created. Each portfolio item can have a group of images and be displayed in one of the gallery layouts using the options on that portfolio items editing page.

    Then you go to the Theme Options>Portfolio and select a page (that you’ve already created as well) to hold and display your portfolio. Select the portfolio categories you want to show on this page and all the other options. Then just save and that should be it.

    If you want to add other portfolio pages to display more portfolio items, use the green + icon to create another portfolio and its group of options.




    It works, i’ m really happy … thank you.

    But i have one more question. I have to upload the pictures i put already in media for a secound time?

    Or is there another solution?





    What do you mean by upload the images again? Why do you have to do that?




    Hello Ismael,

    loading the images by path: Portfolio item “…” >> gallery options >> image gallery >> upload

    I can only upload “new” pictures from computer and not from the existing media folder. I’ve found no other solution!?




    Hi Frank,

    Yes, that is correct. The gallery only support uploading new images.

    If you want to clean out your media gallery later, you can always manually delete duplicates from the Media section of wordpress.



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