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    I’d like to have three entirely separate portfolios, each on a different page. Each would have different Meta comments and each would have a different number of portfolio entires displayed. For example, portfolio A might have 12 entires, displaying 4 across while portfolio B and C might have just nine entries displaying three across. Is this possible?


    Hi cloverco,

    Yes, that’s possible, just create the 3 pages, example Portfolio A, B and C. Then you should create the Portfolio Items and assign it with different categories. Then you should go to Angular > Theme Options > Portfolio, go to the bottom of it and you should see a plus icon, click it and it should generate a form, just fill it up.

    (An example for Portfolio A):

    Set Which categories should be used for the portfolio? with the right categories you want to appear for Portfolio A.

    Set Which page should display the portfolio? to Portfolio A.

    Set Portfolio Columns to 4 Columns.

    Set Portfolio Post Number to 12.

    Repeat the same steps for Portfolio B and C, just adjust some of it to fit with what you want. Hope this helps.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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