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    is it possible to have “Multiple Items” in angular like we have in Flagship

    like here :

    (this post : )

    i need this function in ANGULAR, no several items in a slider but multiple items one below the other



    I guess you can do that by adding the images manually. Click “Add Media” then insert each image into post.




    if you add images like that, images are in the description of the project

    see the result to click on the project “test” :



    It’s definitely doable and having both themes would make the customization a bit easier. However, in my opinion, such a customization is outside the scope of the support team.

    Take a look at helper-slideshow.php, especially the slideshow() function, the way its set up in both themes; register-admin-metabox.php also; and also avia.js. Probably easiest would be to use a character by character comparison of those files between the two themes to see what needs to go where. I would just hack the slideshow() function – may not be the prettiest way to go about it, but it would sure work.

    Good luck,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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