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    using replete with WPML and WC multilingual. Base language DE, have EN, and FR translations.

    On the French translation I have a little issue: a few texts are not translated:

    “You are here” breadcrumb

    “My account” menu and “Log out” next to search bar at the top.

    I’m stumped as to where to edit that.

    Thanks for your help.



    same to me!

    I use DE as only version but using the informal version.

    since update of all stuff (woo, replete, plugins etc.) I missed all translations so I moved over to use WooCommerce German (de_DE) plugin from David Decker.

    The only thing I can not find yet is the breadcrumb part “you are here >” which should be “Du bist hier >” but display “Sie befinden sich hier >”

    I worked through all plugins and themes in CodeStyling Localization but this part of text I could not find!

    Any idea?

    Thank you



    @gstom – maybe try Poedit: instead. Use ftp to download the language file from wp-contentthemesrepletelangde_DE.po

    Then translate the “Sie befinden sich hier” string with poedit, save the result and upload the generated po AND mo files into the wp-contentthemesrepletelang folder.

    @jever98 – maybe the French translation file is outdated. Download the latest version of the translation file from here: , rename it to fr_FR.po, then translate it with Poedit and save the result as fr_FR.po and Then upload both files into the wp-contentthemesrepletelang folder.


    @dude: thanks. Did it now with the String translation module of WPML. It’s pretty confusing to figure out what gets translated where at times (WP, WC, Replete, etc). Hope it’ll work now!



    Great – hope it works now :)

    Best regards,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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