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    I have uploaded an image for the front slider, image size 990×400, with a transparent background. I am using the dark theme and am using the existing Welcome page and changing it. Without any text it shows up fine on the page with a consistent dark gray background. However as soon as I add text to either the Caption Title or Title Text fields this text shows up not over the grey background of the image but in a black box beside the slide. Am I missing something?

    Any help would be great.



    Can you post a link to your website please. I’ll post some custom css code which fixes your issue afterwards.

    Best regards,



    Hi Peter,

    thanks. Site is currently at I have left one of the original sliders on the page, this is what I am trying to achieve with the ‘monkey’ slide I added but as you can see text in seperate area at side.

    Thanks very much for assistance.



    Hi Peter,

    ignore this thread – figured it out. It’s all in the settings options.



    Glad that you fixed it. :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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