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    in my posts (single) I do see two side bar widgets on right side, and I made the change to one instead of one

    now the one side widget showing right next to the post but not completely moved out to the end

    you can see in the below link

    I want to move the RECENT posts widget all the way to right, so that I acn use the little space for my single posts.. as you can see it is truncating the post content

    any help would be appreciated





    I am sorry, you said you made a change to one instead of one referring to two sidebars on right side and that caused one sidebar to display on right side almost at the end?

    The link shows a very long table, and a sidebar showing recent posts, archives, categories, and 4 widgets without titles – each containing 4 images. This is all in one vertical sidebar.

    And this is the part where I am not sure I understand, you want to make one smaller than the other one?

    Would you take a snapshot please and use arrows ( has all that) and post it there indicating what you want to go where , etc, just to make sure we are on same wavelength.




    Hi Nick, sorry since i did not get reply i just made one big sidebar.. i have recreated what was earlier (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    please take a look

    i want to move the right widget side bar to all the way right

    and want to use that space for the post as you can see the post (above link) my content is chopping due to lack of space :-(




    Your table is 656px wide and there is only enough room for 560px, I understand now.

    Here is the CSS code for you to add to make everything big enough to hold your table and the 2 sidebars. Please add it to the end of your style.css file or you can use this plugin to create an easier way to add css to your theme.

    #head, #main, #contentwrap, #footer {
    width: 1150px !important;
    #content, #top .entry-content {
    width: 700px !important;
    #top .sidebar {
    width: 165px !important;
    #top .catnav li a {
    text-shadow: 1px 1px 0px rgb(0, 0, 0) !important;
    letter-spacing: .8pt;

    The last block, I changed styling of your menu text, white with white shadow is not a good look, believe me. Hard to read. I also made space between letters a little wider.

    This is how it will look:




    I have bought couple themes from theme forest but never get any response from those teams when I asked still waiting its been 6 months..but you guys are amazing.. the way you support .. thank you thank you..

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