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    finally my WP is ready with shoutbox theme and i’m very happy about it!

    So im facing now some major issues since 3 days with moving the site. The story is, i installed

    the WP in a subdirectory of my website: The main website at

    present has already another website installed, so it’s not an empty site.

    The goal is to transfer whatever is at to:

    Now here’s the thing. sounds like an easy task hah? That’s what i thought, peace of cake. So

    I hired a tech guy to do the job. The result was that the WP theme was totally messed up Totally!

    Plus all widgets and settings were gone. So as a result of that i had to restore my old website again because

    i couldn/t be live with such a messed up site. Second time, my hosting company did the transfer. Same issues

    happened although less severe. Again, i had to restore my old website from backup.

    So…i was wondering if any of you have any advice on this. I also browsed the net and found some scripts

    like WP TWIN and BackupCreator. I understand that moving WP is easy when moving to an empty website,

    but i have a very complex website running presently. Im trying to find someone to do it for me cause im not a techie

    and by now im so scared to touch anything so not to mess up anything. Any help or advice please I really appreciate.



    the easiest way is to use tools like to search & replace all occurencies of your subdirectory with your main url/domain. Then move all files to the right folder. Basically it’s an easy task but I can imagine that some paths, etc. are hardcoded or in seperate option tables – it get’s tricky then.


    I have mine running off my old site using this syntax: instead of That way it exists as a separate url which might be easier. Your host should allow you to do the same. (I use Mediatemple).

    I loaded all the WP files into the main /domains/ path on the hosting server. So I have and both hosted in the same part of the server.

    I’m not sure but it sounds like you have two problems.

    1. Redirecting the url of your old site to point at the new one.

    I think you can do this just with a site redirect from to but I’m not sure.

    2. Not transferring your new WP site correctly to your old hosting server.

    If you move the position of your WP site you have to change all the urls inside the files of the old location to the urls of the new location. That means change every instance of… to… before you move the site.

    You have to change these urls in three places:

    1. The wp-config.php file

    2. The mysql database file

    (You do this using phpmyadmin in your host admin area. Export the database info related to the old site as a database file (.sql). Then change the urls using find/replace in a text editing program. Then import that new database file into the phpmyadmin area of the NEW site)

    3. The custom css file if you have any links in there.

    Do you still want your old site to run, or do you want to replace it completely with the new WP one? Because if you don’t want the old one, the easiest thing is just to delete all the files in the html folder (except the .htacess file) and set the WP site up there with all the correct urls in place (ie…) and then create a new database to import your wp database settings into.

    Hope that helps you some.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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