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    Just bought this theme. I think its great.

    One thing I would like to do is move the menu (home; blog; about; contact; etc) from its current position (below the logo), to the top right of the screen. That is, above the logo and right justified. Just like the menu on this site.



    You need to make a few modifications to accomplish this.

    Firstly, do you want to keep the Search bar, and if you do where do you want to put it?

    Best regards,



    Hi James,

    I would like to keep the search bar at the same location.

    I also plan to add a header graphic (this will include the logo and tagline) that will span the width of the page. I am investigating how to do this too but let you know in case it affects what i need to do for the menu.

    Anyway, appreciate you getting back to me. Thanks


    The only issue I can see from an aesthetics point of view is that the drop down menu lines up with the border on the bottom of the header section.

    To move the menu to float on the right, open up style.css and add this to the end of the file:

    #top #nav {position:absolute;left:auto;right:0;top:50px;}

    Personally, I’d get rid of the search box or at least move it so the bottom of the #head section border lines up (as it currently does in the demo).


    Hey James, thanks for your quick response.

    Re. search box, that’s a great idea. I might move it later.

    I don’t have any sub menus so there shouldn’t be any chance of an overlap.

    Btw, I moved the menu to the upper most right

    #top #nav {position:absolute;left:auto;right:-30px;top:0px;}

    Thanks again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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