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    Hello Dude

    Question one. – switching sidebar

    Should be an easy one… I changed float “left” to “right” in the following code

    .info_box, .sidebar{








    Which worked perfectly on the inner pages, sidebar now on right. But this has now made the post boxes on the front page not only change position but squish together! Am confused, please can you tell me what I’m doing wrong, I’m sure its so easy! Perhaps I should be trying to move the content to the left instead?

    Question 2. Content.

    Please can you tell me how I can decrease the gap between sidebar and content on the main pages. Its no more than a cm, but would like to increase the content area to use it up. Do I increase content or decrease sidebar space? Or neither!

    Thanks again for your help, I’m almost done with customisation.


    Can you post a link please. It’s easier for me to give you the right css code when I can have a look at your website.


    Hi Dude…

    Drunk a lot of coffee and pulled out my hair, but finally got it sorted! Just adding a float: right to the top.sidebar. css . this did the trick. I could then easily adjust width on that and content area.

    At the moment I only have one more question but with a few more espresso’s I may be able to work it out myself.

    Thanks again


    Glad that you solved the problem.


    1. I am making a website and pirated codes from the past post to extend content size but now my right side bar cannot be used so I would like to float the right sidebar to right with a little margin left sidebar to left with same margin and maximze the content space between them but ONLY on certain pages like the SHOP and PRODUCT for now, my level is “No Experience”just a good pirate!

    2. I would like to use click the home button to enter, is there a way to have a window display in the center of the screen to click the home button and then disappear if customer clicks OK on it? Also would like to increase the size of the home icon.

    3. How do I move the search field in the widget area to display under logo and above the navigation buttons on all pages?



    Hi turboper4mer,

    The code here should only be used for the Cubit theme. If you have made changes for another theme, post in that support forum and provide a link to the pages so we can take a look at the changes/code live.

    For #2, you’ll need to look into a plugin to do something like that.

    #3, this depends on the theme so if you can ask this again in when you re-post we can address it then.

    I’m gonna go ahead and lock this topic for now since the support answers are 2 years old now and the topic doesn’t get off the cubit theme further :)

    Just make your new topic in the correct forum here:



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