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    Im trying to move my wp-installation to a new server, and by Import/Export i get all the posts, categorys etc

    but all the Portfolio Items are now non-categorized. Thats a biiiig thing, i have a lot of portfolio items..

    Even my settings for portfolios are gone.. hu!

    How do i get aaaall the information over to the new place? Help help?


    You can use these pugins to import/export your whole database: http://austinmatzko.com/wordpress-plugins/wp-db-backup/



    The Dude



    I got really happy for the tips, but the first plugin did not work for my swedish wp (found a topic for the same problem on a swedish forum), it logged me out from admin and told me i had no authority.

    The second plugin worked, and i tried to backup, and it seemed to work but suddenly it broke down and now i can’t reach it, it only tells me “Error establishing a database connection” (oh how i hate that message!)

    So now i dont know what to do. How messy can it get so quick?!?! :D And i was so happy to get help :D Im sorry…


    You can try to backup your database manually – follow this tutorial please: http://codex.wordpress.org/Backing_Up_Your_Database

    The Dude


    I backed up the database and then logged into the phpMyAdmin for the new wp install. I then imported the database of the old blog into the new one successfully.

    However, the new wp install hasn’t reflected this – neither posts nor anything else is online on the new install.

    I looked at the database using phpMyAdmin – it has imported all the tables, but instead of merging with or overwriting the old tables, it just added new tables.

    The original tables of the new install look like this:

    wp_posts, wp_postmeta

    the tables I imported into the new install look like this:

    wp_databasenameposts, wp_databasenamepostmeta (databasename being the name of the database of the old wp install)

    What’s the best way to proceed now?


    That’s strange – I moved my website several times with these plugins and they worked perfectly. I only had to use the search & replace plugin from here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search-and-replace/ to replace the old paths (old website url) with the new website url…

    Did you change the website url in your admin interface under options > general?


    Remember you also have to backup/restore the theme and plugin folders and images. They wont be in the database.



    To add to cwrigley‘s point, if you haven’t uploaded the theme & plugin files and access the site you’ll see a white page (no content).

    If you access the Plugins or Themes page in WP Admin, you’ll get a message stating that the theme / plugin couldn’t be found so will be set to default (theme) or has been deactivated (plugins). If this happens, you’ll need to re-activate the theme / plugins.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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