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    When using the external affiliate mode the mouse over thumbs now shows the following two messages:

    ‘Read More’

    ‘Show Detail’

    This is incorrect they basically mean the same thing and theya re both appearing on the same thumbnails. For the affiliate link there should only be one there that says:

    Read More

    Or if you have two then have it with one of them going to the affiliate link external page. This looks very weird how you have it now.




    I’d like to second that.

    Quite illogical. BTW for product variations there is a similiar issue: two slideup buttons, same link to normal product details page.

    Makes no sense.

    Abundance or WooCommerce issue?




    It’s not a woocommerce issue., I was there on tehir forum a couple of nights ago and recieved ane mailf rom their admin who told em the affiliate module works absolutely fine on their sites and the problem is with the theme.

    I am quite suprised that teh developer of Abundance is refuses to fix or address the problems that are nw appearing with teh external/affiliate module in this theme.

    I have written forum postings, I have written to the developer but still nothing.



    Hi Vincent,

    Definitely not the intention to appear to ignore this but the weekend is a hard time to offer full time support.

    You can add the following to your quick css to immediately remove the “Read More” button and when a fix has been implemented in the next update, you can easily take it out (no need to modify the theme files):

    #top div .thumbnail_container .product_type_external{

    This will keep that other button a but lower as we are only hiding the first one, but it doesn’t require you to edit the theme files for now and can be implemented immediately since I understand this is holding up the launch of your site.


    Thanks Devin that worked. The site is not finished yet no where near it. I wont put it llive until the fixes are ready. I cannot see the point in going live with something half done.

    IS there some kind of ballpark date when the fixes will be ready for the update? Just so I have a rough idea.

    BTW: The comments section is no longer workign either – thats eems to have broken too in the last woocommerce update.



    Hey! We have realesed the latest version of abundance which fixes some woocomerce problems, one of them beeing the mouse over problem ;)

    Get the latest version on themeforest ;)

    If you encounter any other issues let us know, I’ll close this thread for now ;)

    Best regards,


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