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    Can you please tell me how to not have the option of enlarging the picture when the mouse comes over it. just to have a picture inserted that does not have any interactive features.

    please check

    I just want to add a picture above my text, not in a frame and not interactive, just the picture …. so you see how there is a small space and then there is a border.

    Thanks a lot for your help



    open up js/custom.js and delete following code:

    // activates the lightbox page
    my_lightbox("a[rel^='prettyPhoto'], a[rel^='lightbox']",true);

    This will deacticvate the lightbox and hover effects.


    sorry for my ignorance,

    but where can I find the “js/custom.js”

    I looked for it everywhere but I can not seem to find it



    Not every file will show up in your WordPress editor so your best chances of finding it is through your FTP server.

    In your FTP you’ll see your file under (wordpress/) wp-content/themes/avisio/js/custom.js.


    There is no other way to do it, other than going to the directories and look in the files. I am so computer illiterate that I am a bit afraid to mess things up.

    but if that is the only way, I will do it. I thought that one can change everything through that “dashboard” provided for the wordpress.

    so basically when I delete that line I will cancel it for all photos in all the website, there is not a way, to enable it in some and disable it in some others.



    Yes – the wordpress code editor just displays certain files (files in the main directory and some “standard templates”). It’s not a ftp browser which allows you to view/edit all files – i.e. you can’t edit js files like custom.js.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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