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    Hi, the most recent posts area on the front page of my site has remained empty is ive added new content. Does it require further setup somewhere? The adress is http://www.theliverpoolview.com/



    Kriesi used the “Horizontal ruler” element with headline and the 4 columns element (each with the latest post of all categories in it – however you can select specific categories too) to create the recent post section. Maybe you didn’t set 4 columns?


    I see the shoutbox latest news widget but i dont see where to put it? in which widget catagory does it go?


    Kriesi doesn’t use the widget but the 4 column element template (template builder). Go to Shoutbox > Template Builder and add a horizontal ruler and a columns element (4 columns with 25% 25% 25% 25%) to your custom template. And for Column 1 Content – Column Content select post from category. At least apply this template to a page and select this page as frontpage (Shoutbox Options > Theme Options).


    Thank you very much, I didnt realise how powerful this theme was cheers


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Hi there, I’m doing the same thing, adding a horizontal element and the four column elements (assigning appropriate categories with articles) to the front page, however it does not appear like the changes have taken hold. Is there anything else that I need to activate? my site is http://conektar.com/.




    Did you apply this template to page you use as home/frontpage?


    thank you, yes I just did, thanks problem solved. But a new problem discovered =S. I would like to use the sidebar on the front page for the blog pages yet not for the main page. How can I set a different sidebar for the page that I have set as the frontpage (setting the widgets for “front page sidebar” and “displayed everywhere” doesn’t seem to work either). I can’t see any sidebar element in the template builder. Any suggestions would be great thanks


    As far as I know the template builder sidebar doesn’t support specific widget areas yet. You can use use the standard index/blog template (it will be applied to the page you choose as blog page (Shoutbox option panel > Theme Options > “And where do you want to display the News Overview?”) if you’d like to control the blog widget area.


    Hi there, thanks for the reply, however I’m not sure if I am clear. I would like the main page / landing page to display a different sidebar from the the rest of the blog pages (unlike the demo), is this possible? thanks so much

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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