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    Hello Team! Is it possible to display more than 9 posts in the front page (and consequently in all following pages when user clicks the page buttons under the posts)? The site I’m working on has a long sidebar so it looks weird to have the sidebar going without any content on the side.

    Another question is – can I have different settings for only one sidebar widget?

    I have a banner that is exactly the size of the sidebar, so if I just throw it in with a text widget it looks off center and overflows because of the padding.

    I tried making the sidebar bigger to accomodate it but it makes the sidebar appear under the posts. So I tried adding a new div class through the quick CSS box. I was able to place the banner -20px before the other widgets, but now I get a background for this widget that goes all the way down the sidebar, and I can’t remove it by setting the height of the div class (maybe because it’s inside the sidebar div id?)

    I don’t ‘speak’ CSS so I’m asking you guys instead of making a mess. Can you please have a look at and tell me what I’m doing wrong?




    1) Please take a look at the plugin I recommend in this answer, it will take care of number of posts (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -10-items

    2) Which widget are you referring to ? Describe it please. All I see the dropdown menu overflowing because one category ‘sites que ajudam a planejar sua viagem’ just has to many words and i would try rephrasing it in a way that’s maybe 6 letters less than what it is currently.




    Hello Nick, thanks for answering!

    1) The plugin worked for showing more posts in the main page, however, it shows only the titles. How can I set it up to display “half sized with preview picture”?

    2) I am referring to the first widget on the top of the sidebar. Is a simple text widget (built in WordPress I believe) that I used to put a 300x250px advertising banner applying the div class I mentioned before . Maybe I’ve used the term overflowing incorrectly. What I meant is that now there is a white background extending from the widget that contains the banner until the bottom of the sidebar. As you can see in the in the image I link below, this wasn’t present before I added said widget, so I would like to remove it (keeping the banner in the current position) but can’t figure out how.

    Image of website prior to the new widget:

    I look forward to your input on these ;)



    I am sorry. Perhaps I misunderstood the requirements. This plugin only increases the number of posts before pagination is triggered. The way the posts were shows originally should be the way the are shown after the plugin is used, but instead of 10 you would see the number of posts you chose in the settings.

    You can also look at Settings > Reading Settings in the backend and change the ’10’ to a higher number.

    To add excerpts you need to activate the field on your add posts page , please look at this image at the 3 red arrows

    2) I looked at your image. This is what I see. . I think my screen has a problem because it took me a while to tell the difference between the colors. What would happen if you put that advertisement in the second widget?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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