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    Hi! Is it possible to have more than 9 posts in the frontpage? And how…




    you can adjust the amount of posts in your wp admin panel (Settings Reading – change the “max posts per page” value).

    If you’re using a dynamic template for your frontpage you can adjust the value for each template in the template builder…


    The thing it´s that the higher number that i can choose in the Template Builder section its 9 (in my reading options i have 16)



    If you would like to add more than 9 posts you would need to increase the options for that in the php file that registeres the template builder:

    open the file includes/admin/register-admin-dynamic-options.php in your shoutbox theme folder

    at line 6 there is a “for” loop. just increase the number 10 to something higher like 50.

    Now when you add a new blog element to a dynamic template you should be able to show more posts. please be aware that this only works for newly added elements, not for elements that were already created



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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