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    How would I modify the Feedback Button (I use the Choices template) to link to another page (instead of the contact page) or peform another function such as opening an embedded shopping cart?


    Search for following code line in header.php:

    if($feedback_button && $contact_page) echo "<span class='feedback_button_wrap'><a href='".get_permalink($contact_page)."' title='$feedback_button' class='feedback_button' >$feedback_button</a></span>";

    You can replace the $contact_page variable with any other page id – eg if your page has the id 5 use following code:

    if($feedback_button) echo "<span class='feedback_button_wrap'><a href='".get_permalink(5)."' title='$feedback_button' class='feedback_button' >$feedback_button</a></span>";

    If you’d like to link to an external website, etc. replace the get_permalink function with your custom url (i.e the example code below will link to

    if($feedback_button) echo "<span class='feedback_button_wrap'><a href='' title='$feedback_button' class='feedback_button' >$feedback_button</a></span>";


    Thanks Dude. Seems simple enough!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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