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    The general solution, as far as I can tell at this point of my research, is in /themes/propulsion/config-woocommerce/config.php where the different hooks are managed. This file unhooks many original woocommerce functions and rehooks them.

    What about child themes? To maintain the route open to upgrade Propulsion one day if that happens, I have created a child theme. But the config-woocommerce folder resists so far.

    Any hint where to look at to have my own config-woocommerce used ?



    Hi Dito!

    That file is invoked in functions.php:89, try re-invoking it in your child functions.php:

    require_once( 'child-config-woocommerce/config.php' ); 

    Best regards,


    Thanks, I tried that, and it open another bag of problems.

    One problem is that config-woocommerce/config.php needs stuff from the framework and probably other libraries that aren’t loaded yet. I could duplicate the missing stuff, but that would kill the whole idea of child’ing a theme.

    Another problem is the call order. Child’s functions.php is called before theme’s functions.php. Any hooks I change in my config-woocommerce/config.php will be overwritten later in the theme’s woo-commerce/config.

    Yet another problem is that functions in the theme’s config-woocommerce/config.php aren’t protected by if( !function_exists()) and can’t be defined before the theme kicks in.

    Maybe you could throw this question at the framework developers to see if they have foreseen anything. In the worst case, I will need to modify theme files. But I would prefer to avoid that.

    Thanks anyway,



    I think this post https://kriesi.at/support/topic/woocommerce-cayalog-page/#post-177329 answers your question. I posted it in the Enfold forum but it should work with Replete or Propulsion too.



    Hey, Peter!

    This looks like a good solution to me. Great!

    Case closed for me.

    Thanks again,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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