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    Please, let me know how to modify the size of the font and its color on the pages portfolio-item and on the frontpage ? I thank you for your help.



    You can add this on your custom.css

    .title_container .main-title a {
    color: red !important;
    font-size: 30px !important;

    Change the values.




    Hi Ismael, I thank you for your help. But, even if it may seem a silly question, where is the custom.css ? Is it the quick css on styling page, or in the menu apparence > edit, where I can see only style.css ? It’s wrote tho have a look on the theme > Css folder, but where is it please ?

    One more question, already asked but there’s no answer yet, I’d like to add a short text in the frontpage over images portfolio, but just in the frontpage. Is it possible ? And do you have any idea why, when I add a video with an url from youtube or vimeo, the video is displayed with two large black bands ? I may change the size of the video, it doesn’t work anyway.

    Many thanks for your help, I do appreciate.




    Right, I used quick css on styling option, It works when one click on the item, but not directly on the front page. We have to have the same text on an image on the frontpage and protfolio page-item, or we can modify it to have a different text, and displayed in lower case ? I thank you


    Hi Franck,

    Can you link to your front page and point out the text you are trying to modify? It will probably need to be targeted directly and custom to your setup. Adding additional text however is most likely not possible without customizing the theme files. If you can give a bit more detail and screenshot of what you are looking to have done, we can see if its something we can assist with or if it would need to be handled by a freelance developer.

    The video issue is just in the way videos are added in. There is a minimum height for portfolio items and that allows for the video to always fit regardless of its proportions. Similar to if you were to resize a video container on either youtube or vimeo’s site if the recorded proportions were not with that of their player.




    Hi Devin,

    On the font, I found how to do looking the forum, I thank you.

    But I still have a problem with my video, you may help me to fix it. I don’t understand why my video is a the right size on the page portfolio-item (please, here : and the same video is not on the right size if I add it on another template using the slideshow, for instance here ( ? same video, same size, same url.

    Please, help ;-)

    I thank you


    Any help ? let me know… thanks



    You are getting errors from missing images on some pages. Please do not to use tiff files since only Safari browser handles them well. JPG and PNG is preferable. Here is URL to image that never loads

    I was able to make the movie on this page look proper using this css code

    #top iframe {
    height: 56% !important;
    } .slideshow_media_wrap {
    width: auto;
    height: 1100px;
    } .slideshow.fade_slider {
    height: 594px !important;

    Please add it to the end of your /css/custom.css file … The other link you posted goes to a missing 404 page error.




    Hi Nick, thanks a lot.

    Where is the custom.ccs file ? I can’t find it, even from Apparence>Theme>???. May I add thos code on the quick ccs on Styling option ?

    Here is the link :

    I have three problems you may help me to fix.

    On this link (, I can’t display the movie as it should be, but probably your ccs code could fix this.

    One some other page, I can’t load the movie from my vimeo account, but only add iframe code from youtube or a brand tv website. I can’t avoid this awful black bars. Please, here are example : and also here

    My latest problem is : in the frontpage, when I add a video on a portfolio item, when one click on the image, you see immediately the movie, instead to go to the complete page. I’m not sure to be very clear, but is it possible in the frontpage to click on the image and launch the page instead of the movie ?

    Lot of things… Anyway, many thanks, I’ve never used WP before and I have to say your theme is very well done.




    In Eunoia theme, you can paste css to a text area called Quick CSS which is reached by clicking Eunoia button on left vertical admin menu, > Theme Options > Styling … on bottom of the page. Just paste the CSS there and save. custom.css is the same thing but is a file located in your theme folder on the server in the /css/ directory.

    Take a look here, this is image of quick css in admin area on bottom of page described above





    I copied the ccs code. It almost work, but not perfectly yet. Please, for instance, have a look here :


    and finally here

    I still have these black bars, but not all along the time at the same place. any idea ? ;-) I thank you.

    Sorry for the other thread which was duplicated.


    any idea Nick ? I thank you for your support.



    Sorry was the weekend.

    Ok I get a 404 page not found error on this page

    To fix the black-bars on the other page Please add this code to the *very end* of the quick css box

    #top .slideshow.fade_slider {
    height: 600px !important;

    I see the page like this with the css fix




    Hi Nick, you’re welcome, the we was great ?;-)

    thanks for your reply. But… but ok, It works for the page Profil, as you shown, but it doesn’t work for the other pages. Meaning, I add your code on the quick ccs, but for instance when I open another page like “portfolio-item”, the same video is not displayed as it should be, but it has big black borders. Worst, the same video could be well displayed correctly on one page, and with black borders on another one.

    So, my question is : I may have done something wrong, but how can I be sure when I add a video from vimeo that the video will display correctly on all pages of the website ?

    Another important question: I have tried this morning the website with Chrome Mac and IE PC. It doesn’t work well, images of the frontpage and the videos do not appear the same way in safari. Is that normal ? How can I fix it ?

    Many thanks for your help.




    If your videos all have the same aspect ratio, the code would work on videos in similar areas , however depending on how you insert the video and where (slider, portfolio page, etc) additional css may be needed.

    If you provide me with working links to your videos I can give you the css that’s more comprehensive.

    Right now you have infinity theme on the site on so I can’t check.




    grrrr… I loaded for test another theme, modify appearance only, now, all the link in portfolio-item are broken. pfiou…


    ok, the links of the porfolio item are broken, even if I want ta create a new page. Any idea ?


    right, so I think I’ll give it up. It doesn’t work with IE or Chrome, video are not displayed correctly according pages, and now, links are broken and one portfolio uses the blog layout instead of portfolio layout, no way to know why nor to modify. yet it was a very nice looking theme. So, unless anyone has an idea how to fix this, I need to finish so I’ll give it up.


    So, any idea from anyone, to know why portfolio layout looks like the blog layout nor why links are broken ?




    Please provide links to pages which have issues in order for us to help you. Everything works fine in all browsers.




    Hi Nick

    thanks for your help. Here is the link to the home page :

    I don’t know why I can’t create a portfolio item page anymore, nor why the layout of the portfolio has been changed to blog layout :

    And I still have the same problem with video, displayed with black borders according to the page, or the browser.

    I may have done something wrong. I thank you.




    I don’t know either. I see you are practicing css … Have you been practicing editing theme files? :)

    When things like this happen, it is best not to waste time trying to find the reason if you are the only person having such a problem. It is much more profitable to simply reset the database, and use a fresh theme.

    You must know that each time you install a different theme, or use different plugins, and remove them, the changes to the database are never really removed. So if you install a new theme , change something, and then put your old theme back, chances are that you will experience something like this.

    That is why its best to have a localhost on your personal computer where you experiment, but treat the live site as holy, and only repeating things you tried first on your localhost. I will make a screencast for you, a video, showing how i set up a portfolio, so you can see




    So, I have to remove the theme and start again from scratch ?



    Please make an admin account for me, my email is usjahm (at) gmail (dot) com. I will look, because I have never seen a portfolio item become a blog entry before and maybe there is an easy way to solve this.




    Hi Nick, I sent it yesterday, you got it ? thanks



    I created a portfolio on this page. .. Please see if there is an issue with it.

    You were using a plugin for a different framework (translator) that just got in the way. You were also using database cache plugin that was not compatible with this version of wordpress. (it said 3.1 compatible and wordpress is 3.51)

    Your top and sides video blackborders have more to do with how you create this video, in what aspect ratio. If you look at random videos on youtube or vimeo , you will also see that some of them have a black border on top and/or on the sides.

    However I just noticed how you are adding your videos. That is not correct.

    <iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href="">démo Vimeo.mp4</a> from <a href="">Franck Kantor</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

    Only add start of <iframe> until end of iframe </iframe>

    <iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

    I see no blackspace





    I made some test, cleaned my cache and added a plugin Video Quicktags. I also checked the original size of all the video from vimeo, to be sure to respect the ratio 16/9, 1280×720.

    1. I can add the video correctly directly in the Page Content. It will be displayed in the correct ratio. I used Video QuickTags, but probably it wasn’t necessary. here, for an example, I remove the slideshow from the template and added the video in the page content. I still have too much white space between the video and the text, but probably I can adjust this, I guess :

    2. In the frontpage, template portfolio-item : I have black borders if I add the code from vimeo, this one for instance : <iframe src=”” width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

    The code is added in the slideshow, in the template portfolio-item.

    This is strange, because the first portoflio item page I created had no black borders. Please, have a look here :

    BUT, if I copy the iframe code from this latest page on another one, it doesn’t work anymore. The same with another code from vimeo.

    3. I tried the same thing with code from Youtube, same effects : black borders. Please, here, at the bottom :

    It means that the same code (good ratio) works in the page content, doesn’t work in the slideshow. In conclusion, am I right saying that I have a problem with the slideshow ? Do you think it could be possible that the php file for the slideshow has been corrupted ? ’cause I guess there a php file for the slideshow, right ?

    Many thanks for your help, quite appreciate.



    hi everyone, any idea why I can’t add a video 1280×720 displayed with no black borders in the slideshow, although this is the correct code iframe with correct ratio ?

    I thank you




    1) The maximum width of this theme is 1050px. You are adding a video that is 1280 x 720. The video is resized to 1050×591 that is proportional to 1280×720. However your original height of 720 is still in the code and it is pushing down . What you should be using in your iframe code is 1050×591. This way the height will be 129 pixels less (the amount of the empty space you have now below the video),

    2) for maximum size videos please use 1050×591

    2b) <— this page contains a cover image that is 990×556 , while video is 690×388 (for that space 690×388 is maximum)

    3) <– this is youtube. your embed code is <iframe width="990" height="990" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" wmode="opaque" style="display: block;"></iframe> For portfolio, please use 690×388

    The size of the space provided for videos depends on the page. Some allow full size while others allow less (portfolio item page). If you use 990×990 as your size (case #3 above) when there are no directions anywhere suggesting you use such a size, then you shouldn’t be shocked that there is empty space, black borders and other unwanted side-effects.




    Hi Nick, yes I added image on the video and curiously, it works on portfolio item. I’ll look on your advice, many thanks for your help and your time, greatly appreciate.

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