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    I love the theme and would like to modify the contact form. I want to remove a field and add a different one. Can you advise me where I need to do this please? I tried the search box but it showed me results from othere themes that were not relevant (unless all themes use the same form template?).

    thanks from ireland.



    open up inludes/contact-form.php. You can adjust the elements array (i.e. delete elements, change labels, rename elements, add elements, etc.) and customize the contact form. Supported elements are text, textarea and decoy fields.

    $elements = array(

    'yourname' => array('type'=>'text', 'label'=>__('Name','avia_framework'), 'check'=>'is_empty'), //user name
    'email' => array('type'=>'text', 'label'=>__('E-Mail','avia_framework'), 'check'=>'is_email'), //user email
    'website' => array('type'=>'text', 'label'=>__('Website','avia_framework'), 'check'=>''), //user website
    'subject' => array('type'=>'text', 'label'=>__('Subject','avia_framework'), 'check'=>'is_empty'), //subject
    'message' => array('type'=>'textarea','label'=>__('Message','avia_framework'), 'check'=>'is_empty'), //message
    'myemail' => array('type'=>'hidden', 'label'=>'', 'check'=>'', 'value'=> avia_get_option('avia, email') ), //email adress the form should be sent to
    'myblogname'=> array('type'=>'hidden', 'label'=>'', 'check'=>'', 'value'=> get_option('blogname') ), //name of the website, gets added to the subject line
    'username' => array('type'=>'decoy', 'label'=>'', 'check'=>'must_empty'), //decoy input field for bots, input field gets hidden, if bot enters value form wont be submitted


    A nice drag’n’drop alternative to the standard contact form is: Formidable Free or Formidable Pro – the plugin offers advanced form fields, etc.


    very nice. thanks./


    Can you help me with the posting “I WANT TO EDIT THE POST TITLE” user keithkarr


    Thank you. I take it the email is sent to the admin wordpress email address? I haven’t recieved anything yet but will check junk email shortly.



    in your theme options under Contact you can put in your preferred email addresss.


    Your email adress

    Enter the Email adress where mails should be delivered to. (default is ‘..’)

    I’m not sure if this counts when you use other plugins.


    I found this post very helpful.

    But there one thing i can’t seem to figure out. The text that says Name / Email / Subject etc is quite small, bold and hard to read. How do I change this?


    Hi lotsdesign,

    You can add the following to your Quick CSS and edit the values as needed:

    .ajax_form label {
    font-size: 11px;
    font-weight: bold;



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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