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    Hi Support, hi Kriesi,

    I am a very happy customer and owner of Sentence and since 2 weeks owner of Newscast, too.

    I am very very happy with Sentence, and since I bought month before Newscast and since Newscast is already from the year 2010 I am missing a lot of nice features that come along with Sentence and that would make Newscast also a very up2date theme!

    I am not complaining (just a tiny little bit, maybe) but I besides to my own good, I do see that it would be a good idea for you guys and your customers, too if you would jazz up Newscast a bit.

    How about it? Is there a chance?

    You know your themes best, so I dont start this topic with a list of wishes I have.

    But if there is a chance, that this topic starts something, I would be more than happy to contribute to the project.

    Best regards






    I’ll tag this post for Kriesi – he’s the only person who can answer this question :)

    Personally I really doubt that there’ll be a major core update because it’s simply too much work involved and obviously newer themes sell better than themes which are two years old. Themes are software products and all software products have a life cycle…


    I understand, but Newscast is one of a kind. I did not find an other “newscasting” theme in Krisi’s portfolio ;-)

    Thanks for tagging…




    Yes but imho Shoutbox is very similiar.

    Best regards,



    That’s true. Functions are great. Design is a bit to boxed for me. ;-)

    I take: Functionality of Shoutbox and sentence, plus Design of Newscast ;-)




    Yeah, finally notice that Shoutbox looks almost the same as Newscast but with added functionality. I think you can replicate Newscast menu by calling another wp_nav_menu below the logo. You might encounter problems with the slider because Shoutbox offers limited range of sliders unlike Newscast.




    Hi Ismael,

    I don’t understand what you are saying: I don’t use Shoutbox and don’t want to, either ;-) I am a Newscast-User and would like to have the functionality of Sentence and Shoutbox ;-)

    But thanks, anyways…



    Hey Boris,

    Its funny you mention that as I sent in a request for a completely new version of Newscast a few weeks ago. Its actually be requested quite a bit so maybe we can convince Kriesi to take a look at it again :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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