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    I tested out the responsive theme on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus using the default web browser. The front page comes out nice and clean except for the test area with the button, the button seems to come out in the centre, over the text, instead of at the end after the text. Other pages seem to disappear, by this I mean you see the footer and the header, but no content, upon refresh the content shows for a spit second then gets hidden by the background image, which is set to a fixed position.

    Is there a way to include screen caps?



    You can upload it on dropbox or use then place the link here. Let me tag this among the support team.





    Please also include the version of Android you are using and browser version if possible.




    Here are the screen shots: (layout is fine) (this is where the button overlaps) (layout is fine) (header is fine, footer is fine, but everything else is covered by the background image)

    I am using Android 4.1 JB and latest default browser (always keep my apps up to date)



    Thank you. We can see the issue and now we just need to compare the code on the two pages that include all your customization to see where the difference lies. There are too many posibilities for us to correctly guess at the cause without frustrating you with useless fixes. If you are unable to provide a url, please point out pages on the theme demo website that exhibit the same behavior.




    for what ever reason I cannot seem to replicate it on the demo site, All the info appears on top of the background image. And the button on the front page appears as it should.

    Our site is http//



    Ok I can see the problem with Chrome if you make your browser window as small as a smart phone. The reason for this happening are the media queries which ensure that the various screen sizes will see the page styled as appropriate. The button has a general rule from width 767 pixls and less and is not told what to do when the screen size is iphone and smaller. So it kind of sits around unsure what to do.

    @media only screen and (max-width: 479px){
    .responsive #top.home .big_button {
    position: absolute;
    top: 185px;

    Please add the block of code above to the bottom of your custom.css or to the Quick CSS located inside the admin section Incarnation > Theme Option > Styles … The text area at the bottom of the page.




    Ok, close, not quite after the text, but better.

    Still having issues with pages not showing up though…. The front oage shouws up OK, but the pages inside come out blank except for the background (In android default borwser)

    Downloading Chrome to my pgone to test if it works


    Ok, Chrome works like a charm, so the default browser is the culprit, problem is most android users use the default. I can get away with demoing it under Chrome for now, hope my boss’ Black Berry can see it ok.


    Ok, I buggered up the button again, but its in my code so I will fix it later. The problem with the other pages not showing up had to do with the background setting. If I make the background fixed, the default android browser goes nuts, but if I make is scrollable, its ok. So I have made it scrollable for now.



    That’s the problem with responsive design, there are just too many mobile OS variations each with their own quirks. Within a year things should be more standardized.



Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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