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    Upon viewing our website ( on an iphone, I’ve noticed the slider functions, but you can’t click and follow any links. I’ve only tried this on an iphone. It would be helpful if you cold follow the banner links…

    We also have a series of buttons below our slider, those are not scaling down in mobile view, how can we make those scale down smaller?

    THanks for all the help you guys provide. We love the template.



    You can add this on your custom.css

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

    .home .one_fourth.flex_column {
    width: 25% !important;





    Thanks for Ismael responding. That actually did help that one section, but made the columns in the footer not look so great, I might need to mess with the code more.

    Still need help with the slider:

    I really need a solution to why you can’t click on the images and follow links in the slider, when viewing on a mobile device.



    Hi southlakebaptist,

    I’m getting a missing wp config file error when viewing your site.

    As for the issue, can you check the demo site and see if you are getting the same result?

    It may be that Kriesi had to include something like that for mobile devices to overcome a browser issue (or something like that) or if its an issue specifically happening on an individual installation.




    Our site was down, we are in the middle of migration. I’m compiling some other notes on the mobile browser side for you as well. Let me compare against the demo site as well, and I’ll give you good intel. We might possibly switch to a plug-in the generates a mobile site, so I’m hoping this option can be disabled in the theme.

    Loving it thus far! :)


    An update, Yes, I have the same problems with the default theme. I’m using an Iphone4 with iOS 6.

    I’ll mention on the demo site, you have a “quote” box below the slider, that is crowding the graphics from being show fully… on my site that is not a problem.


    One other problem I’m seeing on the iphone for sure is, the template seems to want to launch vimeo video’s in a lightbox (not my fav). On the iphone, the lightbox with the video hardly works, lots of alignment issue. It might be best to just let vimeo play the video on their site…

    You can view our page at and scroll down, the “PRIME” links are what I’m referring too.

    In general it seems like the lightbox for the vimeo video’s is a problem overall.


    I’ll tag Kriesi to take a look as I believe he is the only one that actually has access to any iOS devices at the moment.




    Hey! Thanks for the notice, some improvements for the slideshow are on the way. This was a Bug I was able to reproduce. I just checked and seems you have deactivated the lightbox for now?

    I will probably switch to another Lightbox soon, maybe the vimeo links will work better. Need some testing before switching so not sure yet :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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