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    On iphone eunoia defaults to the ugly scroll wheel. With such great design, its a shame to have the user experience taken over by a generic scroller, is there a better option? I tried ubermenue, but its printing in addition to the scroll bar.


    You can deactivate the select dropdown if you want to use ubermenu. Open up eunoia/js/avia.js and delete

    // improves menu for mobile devices
    jQuery('.responsive .main_menu ul:eq(0)').mobileMenu({
    switchWidth: 768, //width (in px to switch at)
    topOptionText: jQuery('.main_menu').data('selectname'), //first option text
    indentString: '   ' //string for indenting nested items

    Btw – please always post your questions in the Eunoia forum and don’t use the “FAQ” or “General Questions” forum.


    I have the same question – where would you place the above coding?


    That worked, thanks!

    OMTONDO, location of that JS file is eunoia/js/avia.js


    Glad that worked for you :)

    As gunshop said, the code doesn’t get placed anywhere but instead is being commented out (removed from being executed) in eunoia/js/avia.js.




    Sorted, cheers!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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