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    I have a problem with the visibility of the site on Mobile,
    The site does not fit itself, and everything is very small and unreadable
    I tried to move to another format and it was okay
    But I’ve already built everything with Anfold’s tee :(
    what could be the problem?


    Hey chani100wat,

    Can you try to use a different font?
    and check if it still looks small on mobile.

    Best regards,


    It did not help,
    I changed my font, and the display remained the same,
    I need help quickly


    Hi chani100wat,

    I have inspected the site and noticed that although the theme is Enfold but the elements inside the body are all using elementor.
    The body should have a width of less than 480px but it’s picking up 910px, please try to consult with the plugin author, as they should be able to help better.
    Try building with our Advanced Layout Builder and you shouldn’t have that issue, maybe there’s some settings you need to change with the plugin.

    Best regards,


    Elementor say it is a problem of the template,
    With another template it does work well,


    Hi chani100wat,

    Elementor might not be compatible with Enfold theme, atleast on the responsive versions.
    But you should be able to try our theme with the Advanced Layout Builder, and should see it’s responsive.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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