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    Hi there

    I importet products using the CSV import suite by Woothemes. The image-information is separated with | as given by the plugin (e.g. AAA.jpg|BBB.jpg|CCC.jpg). Now I got a problem which seems to be Propulsion related.

    Products with several images added just show the first image with propulsion. When I switch to any free WooCommerce-theme for testing purposes all my uploaded images appear for this product. So back with propulsion I have to re-add the other images by hand for every product. Can you help out with this? Is there any meta-tags I have to include in my import-csv’s?

    I’m using latest versions, both for propulsion and woocommerce.



    pushing this one up :-)



    Actually, our system goes from oldest to newest so you pushed it down. :) I’ve never used the CSV Import from WooThemes so I’m going to tag the rest of support to see if they can be of assistance.




    Unfortunately you can’t use the csv importer to import the slideshow images because Kriesi uses post meta values to save the slideshow data. Afaik WooCommerce requires a standard wordpress gallery/post attachments to import the images and you can’t use this data for the post meta values without rewriting the import script quite a lot.


    Thanks for your answer Dude.

    1) What I don’t understand is why 1 image is importet, even if you say there’s no import possible.

    What are these meta values like? Maybe I can define these meta values in the csv making the importer processing them.

    2) Most of my products use variations. Linking the images to variations works like a charm, but unfortunately they are not shown on the single product page, but only in the basket. This is why I would link more then one image to my main-product.

    As a workaround, is there a way for the variation-pics to be shown in the slideshow on the single product page? this would solve my problem also.

    thx so far.


    1) The reason is that Kriesi sets/uses the first slideshow image as “featured post image”. This is a standard wordpress feature and many third party plugins rely on it (eg latest post widgets which use the post image for preview thumbnails or facebook share plugins, etc.). WooCommerce uses the post image/thumbnail as preview image source too. You can find all required post meta values in includes/helper-slideshow.php.

    2) Yes, since Propulsion 1.5 it’s possible to show the variation image in the slideshow. You need to add the variation image to the featured media/slideshow AND to the variation product as product thumbnail. As soon as an user selects a variation the slideshow will display the variation image (it junps to it because the user could also select it by clicking on the small thumbnails below the image or by using the slideshow navigation).


    Hey Dude & Team

    As you described in your last post under 2), i’ve added the images to the main product AND to the variations and it worked very well. On the single product page the images changed every time i selected an other variation in the dropdown menu. This was with Propulsion 1.5

    In the last days i updated to Propulsion 1.6 and WooCommerce and today i realised the pictures aren’t changing anymore when selecting different variations.

    Do you have any idea?



    OK, fixed it by doing this:

    I got to it after reading “shepards” post at the bottom of

    seems like the guys at woothemes changed the name of a js-function :-)


    Hi klotersolutions,

    Glad that you’ve fixed it. :)



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