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    I have come across several issues for which the fix per this support forum is to modify certain .php or .js files (i.e. the sermon registration php file in the includes/admin folder and the media element js files from the js folder). There are lots of these files missing in the installation. My site is up and running and nearly complete at this point, so I would prefer not to have to reinstall the theme. Any chance I can drag and drop files into the installed WP folders? Would reinstalling the theme wipe out all of my work to date?

    To be specific, I wanted to change on the sermon page “In [Speaker’s Name]” to “By [Speaker’s Name]” and I wanted to address an issue with sermons pre-loading. the fixes for these issues required modification of files I cannot find in the WP folders.



    Hi dpeezie,

    When you download the full theme files from your downloads on ThemeForest (not just the wordpress files) you’ll get a version.txt file which shows all of the files that got updated from version to version.

    You can then just update those files via FTP so that you aren’t replacing the whole folder/files.

    See: htps://



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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