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    Hi There,
    I downloaded Choices a few years ago and it has worked fine for me but last week the whole page altered without any changes being made. I assumed it was a glitch and have updated wordpress, uploaded the most recent version of ‘Choices’ Theme, updated all plugins and then deactivated all plugins but nothing has changed.

    Issues through the site are
    1. The slider on the front page has disappeared entirely but before the update it was viewing stranger.
    2. The name of the Home page is now appearing as a large link at the top of the page
    3. The menu is now sitting vertically under the search bar and not horizontally
    4. A sidebar with a menu of every page on the Homepage is visible even though The layout option says Fullsize (no sidebar)
    5. When I log into the control panel and select ‘Theme Options’ on the left menu on the dashboardI have no access to the menu (styling, layout & settings, portfolio, content etc..) However when I click the ‘Theme Options’ button at the top of the screen The menu reappears.

    I’m not sure where the issue is – but this has also happened on another site I’ve been using a different Kriesi theme on – (Incarnation) where there are similar issues.

    Please advise.


    Hey ElementArt!

    I can see errors in Chrome console causing by this:

    An idea what this might be? Maybe your server is blocking it … please ask your host about it.

    Please update the theme again, this time via FTP:

    However, can you provide us admin access, so we can take a deeper look into your website?
    Are we allowed to switch off all your plugins temporarily?

    As we have no idea how it looked for you before, we would need screenshots/mockups of the changes you want to make and the things you want to achieve. So we can provide you some precise CSS.

    We suggest to always update to the newest WordPress and theme versions.

    Best regards,

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    I think there are some corrupted files. Maybe something went wrong while updating. Please completely delete all theme files from your server and get a fresh copy of Choices from your themeforest account. Install it via FTP. Make sure to have a backup.



    Hi Andy,

    If I remove Choices will I lose any content from the site? There was a little customisation made to this site by the previous designer and they never created a child theme so I just want to make sure I have everything covered.

    Many Thanks



    If previous designer made modifications on theme files, you are going to lose them. You can create a testing environment and duplicate your existing site to it – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-a-live-server/ and re-update the theme there to see if that helps

    Best regards,

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