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    I as trying to update a Dynamic Template through the Template Builder and it gave an error that it couldn’t connect to server. Now all of my existing templates have disappeared from the Template Builder page. When I try to make a new template it says, “Something is wrong try again later”. The site pages seems unaffected so if it was associated with a dynamic template it still functions as so and if I check the page from the back end you can still see the full list of templates to choose from as before.

    If I need reload a file I just want to make sure I don’t erase any or the existing templates.

    Thanks for your help.


    Unfortunately this sounds like a database error and (if you don’t want to build all your templates again) your only chance is to restore the database by importing a sql backup file. You can use a database management tool like phpmyadmin (nearly all hosters I know provide such an interface) but obviously you need a sql backup file too. If you did not make a backup of your database I’d contact the hoster – maybe they make an automatic backup and then they can help you to restore the database.


    Bummer. OK, I actually made a decent amount of updates that I would lose if I reverted back to an earlier backup so I would like to re-make the templates. Problem is that it wont let me create any new templates…”Try again in a few seconds” error every time.


    In this case hit the “reset all options” in the bottom left corner of the option panel. Be aware that this button deletes/resets all your theme settings (Angular > Theme Options) and your dynamic templates.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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