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    Hi, a minor thing and two associated questions.

    I’ve got a links widget in my sidebar with a Youtube video in it. Let’s say it’s this video:

    When you click on the link it opens in an overlay and plays – great. BUT: it says “1/2” as if there were two videos. Indeed, a user could be forgiven for pressing the overlay “play/pause” rather than the video’s “play/pause”. And if they did so, the overlay would rotate through the “two” videos, effectively resetting the video each time. A bit annoying – is there anything I can do to adjust this?

    Associated questions: I couldn’t seem to do the same thing using a Vimeo video – is there a knack to that?

    The Youtube video player is lacking the ‘fullscreen’ button on the far right, although I’ve used the exact same link on another site and it did have the fullscreen button showing. Is there a way to make the fullscreen button show?

    If anyone could help me adjust the finer settings in the video overlay, that would be great :)

    To see it in action visit (which is still in the pissing-around stage!)




    can you post a link to a page where you’re using the video links? Atm I only see the language, archives, latest news and recent comments widgets.


    Hi, apologies I wasn’t clear with where the link was. Under “Choose your language” if you choose NZSL it opens a video.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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