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    Hey Guys – Thank you for your prompt response at –


    Please drop this on your custom.css. You might want to play around with it to get what you want.

    .entry-mini {

    width: 300px;


    You may also have to upload a .png image with transparent background in order to achieve the transparent effect. :)



    I am reposting questions because I have not heard from you for over a day and need responses to proceed.

    1. Silly question but I am new to WP – where, what folder do I upload the .PNG image with transparent background?

    2. What is the name of the image I need to replace?

    3. Another silly question Ismael – is the custom .css is where the Quick CSS box is in the Flashlight Theme Options? Is that where I do my playing around to find the right size for the mini content area?

    4. Also – based on the code you gave me – I see that I can change the width but can I also change the height of the box or is that set at a default size?

    Thanks guys




    I have been changing around the mini content area too.

    Here is anotherr way to change to mini content area without using an image for transparency

    Just pop the code into your custom css panel

    The fist one sets width and position from the edges of the screen.

    The second setst colour and transparency in rgb (204,204,204 a mid tone grey and the last bit 0.5 sets the transparency in this case 50%)

    .entry-mini {

    .entry-mini .box {
    background-color: rgba(204,204,204,0.5);


    Thanks triffid – can you help with the other questions too principally where do I find the “custom css panel?

    I know, silly question but new to WP – thanks.




    I responded to your questions on the original thread so I’m going to close this topic.



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