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    Hello there! I want to use the Twicet Dark Grey style with a little change: I’d like the content area (just the content area, not the sidebar) to have the background and font colors of the Twicet Light Grey style. I think I would have to edit the bg_sidebar file in the images2 folder and the style2.css file in the css folder. My question is: which part(s) of style2.css should I replace by which part(s) of style.css? Thank you for your help!



    Try to add this at the very bottom of style2.css

    #content p {
    color: #666!important;




    It works like a charm except for the title of the page, whose color remains the same. Do you know how to fix it? (It doesn’t work for the portfolio page either.)

    Thank you very much!




    Hi Cromack,

    Can you link to the pages that its not working on and point out exactly which text you need the color changed on?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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