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    I bought Habitat when I was first making my website, but now, getting ready for release, I’ve seen broadscope, and it fixes a lot of my pre-release problems.

    I had a couple quick questions though, as I prefer the look of a few features of habitat over broadscope, soo-

    Could I replace the entire top bar of broadscope with my altered Habitat top bar? As in, the logo area, the menu, and pretty much everything above the title. Although the broadscope one is nice, I’ve grown quite attached to my one.

    I also prefer the look and feel of the blog of Habitat. Would it be as simple as changing the style pages for the two, or…

    I also much prefer the habitat portfolio sorting bar. As in, the buttons aligned on one line, rather than the text buttons on multiple lines.

    I know this is a big request, but a big help! Thankyou!



    basically all 3 mods can be done but require some work (especiallly css editing but propably some template modifications). We can help you with some aspects (like how to I change the color of xy, how to change the position, etc.) but we can’t help you with all customization tasks. Imho Broadscope isn’t a good alternative to Habitat but Corona is: (same menu, similiar blog structure, etc.)


    Corona looks great, one question however-Can I use the custom slider as in broadscope (Have a secondary slider elsewhere on a page.)


    If you refer to the content slider shortcode yes – i.e. it’s used on this page: (at the very bottom). You can create custom templates with slideshows of posts/pages, etc. too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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