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    I’d like to say great work on this theme-I recently purchased it and I really like it, but after playing around with the settings for hours I am still having difficulty getting some settings I want. I searched throughout the forums, but it makes it really hard that you can’t search under newscaster category specifically, it groups all the themes up.(from what I tried anyways)

    but anywho,

    Newscaster supports two different menus from what I saw in the demo, but my menu is duplicating and I don’t know how to configure each one. and it seems that It won’t link to just specific “Pages” I have on wordpress by itself unless I have custom links alongside the pages.

    For the slider, is there anyway to make it so smaller pictures won’t get all expanded when being previewed? (maybe just centered or something in the slider)

    and finally the searchbar, is there a way I could not only move the default icons to the left appear below the search bar along with adding bigger/ my own icons/links. basically just bigger icons and underneath the search bar would be great.

    Thank you for all the hard work put into this, and I appreciate the reply in advance.


    Okay I found the advanced search feature and was able to find the answer to the menu! so nevermind about that, but still curious on the other issues, thanks


    I am also trying to change the font size of the second menu,

    I edited the style1.css

    .catnav li a{


    border-right:1px solid #aaa;

    text-shadow:1px 1px 0px #fff;



    but that didn’t work :( any ideas? tried searching around


    Hi, ignore the last post, I figured out I needed to be editing the style.css instead of the specific skin one.

    In addition to the other questions I have from the OP,

    I would really like to know if it’s possible to not display the 5 most recent posts in the main page body that are featured in the slider that are from the same category.

    For example, let’s say I have 7 posts under one specific category, and the slider is set to feature the 5 most recent posts from this category.

    Underneath the slider I would want the theme to preview the same category as in the slider but starting at the sixth most recent post, displaying a total of 2 items. So basically displaying the same category minus the constant first 5 that would originally be displayed.

    One more thing!! It seems like every time there is a return character between items or links, there is a long dashed line that seperates them, where can I remove that for future reference?

    Thanks, sorry for all the questions, figured it’d be easy to fix all in one go ^^;

    Looking forward from hearing from you guys.


    still nothing? I’ve been patiently waiting since I asked several different questions…



    is there any support anymore? I’ve been waiting a month now..



    please open up several threads because I think it’s quite confusing to follow all your requests. You can bump your thread after 24 hours if you didn’t receive an answer. We try our best to answer all post asap but we were overloaded the last month (before Devin joined our team) and many posts could not be answered.

    1) You can use following css code to push the social icons down:

    .social_bookmarks {
    padding: 10px;

    #headextras {
    background: none transparent;
    border: none

    You can adjust the padding value to your needs. To change the icon size use following code:

    .social_bookmarks li a {
    height: 16px;
    width: 16px;

    and adjust both values to your needs. I’d add the code to the bottom of css/style1.css.

    2) You can change the slider image size (functions.php) but it’s not easily possible to center the slider images. If you decide to change the dimensions please regenerate the thumbnails with:

    3) A perefect solution (which covers all eventualities) would require a complete loop rewrite. However you can try to use the offset query parameter. Open up index.php and replace:

    $additional_loop = new WP_Query("cat=".$negative_cats."&paged=$paged");


    $additional_loop = new WP_Query("cat=".$negative_cats."&paged=$paged&offset=5");

    You can change “5” to any other value – it needs to be equal the number of your slides.

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