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    How do I reduce the height of my 2nd menu and also change the background and font color



    Please add the css below to the very end of style.css file located in the theme root

    #top #menu-second {
    height: 30px !important; /*change this number to decrease/increase menu height*/
    #top .catnav li {
    background-color: red !important; /*background color menu*/
    #top .catnav li a {
    color:green !important; /*menu text color*/
    #top .catnav li a:hover {
    color:blue !important; /*menu text hover color*/




    Thanks Nick

    I have tried the decrease the height, it worked but the menu dividers(separator for each category) are not..

    can u help me.. if that;s possible



    Hi Praveen,

    Try to add this code at the bottom of style.css:

    #top .catnav li a {
    padding: 0 !important;
    height: 20px !important;
    line-height: 30px !important;

    Hope this helps.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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